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How To Treat Dental Caries Naturally

How To Treat Dental Caries Naturally

It is quite common nowadays to think that it is impossible to have a beautiful dentition and to treat it without going through the "dentist" box, which is for many the only solution to dental problems. Yet it is a fact: the populations of antiquity, the Middle Ages and the peoples who have kept a healthy and traditional lifestyle until today have fewer cavities than us and teeth in a much better health. .

What are cavities and how do they appear?

Caries formation

Teeth consist of three layers: enamel, dentin and pulp.

Two factors come into play in caries formation:

1. fragile and demineralized teeth
2. the development of certain bacteria in the mouth and on the surface of the teeth

Dental caries is the gradual destruction of teeth from the outside to the inside.

Caries first attacks the enamel by softening it and dissolving the minerals. Follows the formation of a hole that expands and deepens to reach the dentine and possibly the pulp of the tooth.

History of decay
For the anthropologist Mark Guillon, caries was a phenomenon that was virtually unknown among hunter-gatherers, and men began to have it only when they introduced slow sugars from cereals into their diet.

On the other hand, for researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia, the Industrial Revolution was another major turning point in the history of caries with the appearance in our diet of sugars and refined grains.

So there is a link between food and caries?

However, for Dr. Weston Price, author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay, these transformations of our diet were concomitant at the same time with the appearance of the caries, but also with the decline of our state general health.

Caries would thus be the result of a poor and unhealthy diet.

For these two specialists, the factors causing caries are four in number:

1 ∙ Excessive consumption of foods with a high content of phytic acid (cereals, nuts, legumes)
2 ∙ Excessive consumption of refined sugar
3 ∙ A diet low in minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus)
4 ∙ A diet low in fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K)

Caries appear only on already fragile teeth

When the diet is healthy, rich in nutrients and free of harmful elements, the jaws are well developed and the teeth are strong. Like a house whose roof, solid and well maintained, does not leak when it rains, the teeth are not affected by bacteria either.

How to cure caries naturally
The impact of the food we consume is immense on the mineral composition of our body, the state of our teeth and our health.

1. Adopt an adequate diet

Remineralize your teeth and consume foods rich in nutrients, minerals and fat-soluble vitamins such as:

- Organic fruits and vegetables, well cultivated and prepared with care
- organic eggs and raw dairy products from grazing animals
- seafood
- offal
- extra virgin cod liver oil.

Avoid foods of poor quality and those that cause mineral deficiencies such as:
- table salt
- soy
- pasteurized dairy products
- cereals, legumes and nuts because they contain phytic acid which is acidifying and limits the assimilation of minerals
- industrial food, prepared meals, fast food that is rich in sugar and salt.

3. Remove sugar from your diet
Not only does the presence of sugar in the mouth provide a favorable environment for the development of bacteria and the production of acids that attack the enamel, but the consumption of sugar is itself acidifying for the body and contributes to the demineralisation of tissues (including teeth) and their embrittlement, because the body uses minerals to balance too much acidity.

To heal cavities, remove from your diet any refined sugar such as sweets, cakes, sweetened beverages and pasteurized fruit juices, which you can replace with raw honey and unsweetened fresh fruit juices.

4. The mouthwashes in oil
The mouthwash oil comes from Ayurveda, an ancient medicine practiced for millennia in ancient India.

It consists of cleaning the mouth with oil by circulating it for 15 to 20 minutes and helps to clean the mouth.

To make a mouthwash with oil, take.
Treat Dental Caries Naturally