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Kissing On The Forehead Is Much More Than A Proof Of Affection: Here Are The Effects It Provokes In Those Who Receive It

Kissing On The Forehead Is Much More Than A Proof Of Affection: Here Are The Effects It Provokes In Those Who Receive It

Since the dawn of time, the kiss is considered one of the strongest ways to show love to loved ones. It is the symbol of a connection between two people who love each other and want to show it. In general, the physical contact that connects us with our partner intensifies the love we have for each other. Moreover, the touch that calls to our primal instinct, is the element that allows us to create this physical link so intense.

Kissing someone on the forehead is a symbol of protection, tenderness, and affection. It is a gesture that represents the love you feel, and generally, it is not given lightly. When a person kisses your forehead, it is often said that it embraces your soul. This idea of ​​Cartesian origin is based on the fact that a small gland named pineal gland, located just in the center of the head between the right and left brain, would represent a direct access to the soul of the person who receives this kiss.

The third eye: the direct link with the soul
The pineal gland, commonly called the third eye, is considered (metaphorically of course) as a direct access to the soul of the person. Its small size makes it possible to regulate the circadian cycle of the human being thanks to the light transmitted to it by the retina. It would be a kind of biological clock that, through secretions of melatonin, would allow us to organize our sleep / wake rhythm. Unlike other components of our brain, the pineal gland is the only brain part that is not duplicated. It lies just in the middle between the two cerebral hemispheres, hence the Cartesian hypothesis that the pineal gland is "the seat of the soul."

According to Descartes, any movement related to the pineal gland would have a direct effect on our soul and our spirit. Indeed, we generally equate the soul with the very essence of the human being. Moreover, it is often said that one falls in love with a person's soul, because true love is a spiritual and not a physical feeling. It is true that when one speaks of love, only the soul is a constant. Indeed, life makes us change as time goes by. Appearances are transformed, and the same goes for certain traits. One can become less patient with age or more irritable, however, our inner essence, this quality which is ours and which differentiates us as individuals, it does not change.

The kiss on the forehead: a symbol of protection and intimacy
To kiss someone on the forehead is therefore a way of embracing one's soul. This gesture represents the tenderness that one feels for the other. It is also a symbol of protection and trust. In a couple, the man often kisses his wife on the forehead if she is anxious or worried. It is his way of showing him that he is there for her and that he protects her. It is a reassuring gesture that is often enough to ease the tensions that can be felt. Moreover, this type of kiss is not only specific to couples. Indeed, parents often kiss their children on the forehead. Through this tender and affectionate gesture, they show that they will always be there for them and that they will always be entitled to their protection.

It is often considered that a kiss on the forehead is much more intimate than a kiss on the mouth. In some cases, kissing someone on the forehead can take a lot longer than a regular kiss. This act, which is often compared to an instantaneous connection with the soul of the other, demands a pure and true love. It reinforces the bonds that connect us and proves that our love is sincere. It is indeed difficult to kiss on the front a person who does not feel close. This gesture would appear immediately artificial, even false.

This is why we must privilege this form of tenderness, often forgotten at the expense of mechanical kisses on the cheek or mouth. Kissing a loved one on the forehead will instantly bring a sense of well-being. You will be able to strengthen the bonds that unite you by creating a unique connection with the soul of the other.
Kissing On The Forehead