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If You Like To Dress Often In Black, Here Is What It Reveals About Your Personality

If You Like To Dress Often In Black, Here Is What It Reveals About Your Personality

Black is a color that symbolizes power but also mystery. It can also evoke in Feng Shui, power and calmness when associated with elements of water. For most, the black color is undeniably in their closets because it is basic and agrees with virtually all colors. But be aware that often wearing the color black can also reveal important elements of your personality.

Psychologists agree that the color we prefer is a precise message about who we are. Thus, for Bernardo Tirado, psychologist of the work, the color test can evaluate the types of personality because each color has a psychological significance.

What does the choice of black color mean?
Black is associated with the desire to wear elegance and class but can also be related to power and power and generally, it is worn by leaders or more precisely by people who take themselves seriously, which are strict and ambitious. Because black is synonymous with success and ambition. And most often, people who wear black are emotional and through this color, put a bulwark against their emotions by protecting themselves behind this color to mitigate.

But as for most, the black color is chosen by default because it is easy to put on, suitable for all skin colors, moreover, it gives the appearance of a slimmer silhouette. In addition, black gives a serious and confident, honest and rigorous. Moreover, the black makes appear, according to a study published in the newspaper INDEPENDANT, more attractive, intelligent and confident. And even if black indicates gloom or sadness, it also indicates reliability and strength; it is at least the interpretation of others vis-à-vis people who wear black. Similarly, according to the survey conducted by this study, black came in first place because it indicates sensuality and intelligence. It's a color that impresses, reassures and seduces at the same time.

In addition, the goal of wearing black is to attract the attention of others by the intellectual qualities that can be identified. Because people who often wear black are considered as thoughtful, reliable, loyal and sincere with themselves.

According to a study, black can induce aggression
However, according to one study, black can incite violence and aggression. Indeed, this research developed by the University of Florida and published in SAGE Journals, showed that hockey players wearing black jerseys showed more aggression and therefore, were subject to penalties compared to those who wore white jerseys. And to corroborate this analysis, a study from New York University's Department of Psychology states that the color of a person's clothing can affect one's behavior. This finding can be explained by social perception and self-perception.

Characteristic traits of people who often wear black

According to this same study, people who wear black are sensitive and may be unstable.

So the five personality traits of people who like to wear black, are as follows:

- they are confident
- they are sensitive
- they are rebellious
- they seek power and influence
- they are distant with others

What about people who do not like black color?

People who do not like black color are said to be likely to be:
  • Easy to live and malleable
  • Happy, optimistic and extroverted in life
  • Practical and down to earth, simple, humble and without sophistication
  • In the fear of the darkness that they avoid since childhood.

And you, do you like to wear black often? If yes, does this description match you?
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