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A Little Girl Undergoes Eye Surgery Because Of Her Father's Phone

A Little Girl Undergoes Eye Surgery Because Of Her Father's Phone

Girl Undergoes Eye Surgery Because Of Her Father's Phone

Nowadays, more and more children are exchanging activities and games for videos on their parents' smartphones or tablets. This is the easiest method they use to keep their children busy, hold their attention and prevent them from doing anything wrong. And if it seems to work perfectly, we must not neglect the harmful effects of this phenomenon. Here is the story of a father relayed by our brother Motherhood newspaper who regrets bitterly to have let his daughter watch videos on his phone.

Recently, a father discovered how to let his daughter play with his mobile phone had adverse effects as reported by our colleagues at Motherhood. He shared his experience in an article on Facebook and warned other parents against the dangers of excessive use of the smartphone, especially for toddlers.

The story of Dachar's daughter

In his article on Facebook, Dachar explains that he started giving his 2-year-old daughter her mobile phone on which she watched videos and played, in order to keep her occupied while he was working. But soon, health problems began to arise, which he did not immediately relate to his excessive use of the smartphone.

It started with eye problems and she had to wear glasses. But her vision gradually weakened and at the age of four, the child had to undergo surgery because her vision had deteriorated. Dachar eventually discovered that his prolonged and uncontrolled use of the smartphone was to blame.

Dr. Rawat Sichangsirikarn, Associate Professor of Pediatrics in Bangkok, said that although smartphones can be useful for adults and sometimes young people to get new information and communicate quickly, it is also a double-edged sword. because of their harmful side effects.

This is particularly serious when adults allow their young children to use new technologies such as smartphones and tablets for long periods of time. Without limitation, excessive filtering time can have serious consequences on the physical and mental health of a child.

The use of unknown applications and unlimited freedom on the Internet can also put children at risk. For example, they can access dangerous and inappropriate social media, or be exposed to pornographic sites and online predators and pedophiles.

Girl Undergoes Eye Surgery Because Of Her Father's Phone

How can smartphones and tablets affect a child's development?

Excessive use of a smartphone or tablet can affect the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a child in different ways.

Physical health
  • Risk of eye disorders such as myopia and eye strain.
  • Sleep disorders and agitation.
  • Headache
  • Loss / weight gain (by lack of movement and observation of screens), insomnia, headaches, poor nutrition.
Mental Health
  • Behavioral changes and depression.
  • Aggression and irritability that will also affect other skills, such as thinking and controlling emotions.

Behavioral disorders such as anxiety, loneliness, guilt, self-isolation, depression, mood swings and agitation. Exposure to smartphones and tablets may also increase the risk of attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and autism in children.