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A Man Becomes A Single Father Thanks To A Surrogate Mother After 8 Years Of Chess

A Man Becomes A Single Father Thanks To A Surrogate Mother After 8 Years Of Chess

According to an article relayed by our colleagues from CBC News, Nathan Chan, a 33-year-old single, finally manages to become a dad. At 25, this man decides to have a child. He turns to adoption first, unfortunately, the procedure turns out to be too complicated. This is where he decides to use a surrogate mother. It will take him eight long years to see his dream come true. Here is his story.

From an early age, Nathan Chan dreams of becoming a dad. Despite his desire to start a family at the earliest, the young man is struggling to find a companion. He decides to go alone on the road to fatherhood. In the face of pressure from society and his entourage, Nathan must fight to see his dearest wish come to fruition.

A child, a desire sometimes inaccessible
Having a child is often seen as a family and personal achievement. It is a very strong symbol of love that represents an unbreakable bond between two people who love each other. However, despite popular belief, this right is not just for couples. More and more singles do not want to wait to find their half to enjoy having a child. Unfortunately, the road to maternity, or in our case, paternity, is fraught with pitfalls.

Many solutions exist such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), adoption, or surrogacy. In the case of Nathan Chan, being single, only the last two options are possible. These are also the ones he chose, even if his career proved very difficult. In vitro fertilization, requiring a partner, is an option that he had to rule out. Indeed, this one requires an intracytoplasmic injection of spermatozoa in a woman. Nathan went to different adoption agencies, but he soon realized that it would be a long and painful journey. Despite being the first single man to be approved in his province for an adoption process, he faces the harsh reality of this environment: few people trust a single man to raise a child , especially since Nathan embarked on this adventure at the age of 25. As he explains to CBC News, Nathan really wanted to be a young dad. He decides to turn to surrogacy by using a surrogate mother.

"I had a normal life, I was an employee, and then suddenly, I was 25 years old and I felt the paternal instinct to wake up in me. That's where I realized I was ready to become a dad "

Apart from the heavy financial aspect involved in these procedures, we must not neglect the psychological consequences that flow from them in parallel. As he explained to CBC News, his decision to become a single father has not always been well received. Comments such as "why do not you find yourself a girlfriend? "Or" you should wait to be married "were an integral part of his daily life. In addition, Nathan had to go through the hardship of a stillborn child, in addition to miscarriage.

These difficult times proved to be very hard for this man aspiring to become a father. Indeed, his feelings were often ignored or relegated to the background, in favor of surrogate mothers who, they attracted much more empathy of people. Nathan testifies:

"Of course I suffered from this situation at the same time as the different surrogates"

After having gone through three different countries, five fertility clinics, six surrogate mothers, two egg donors, and several embryo transfers, Nathan finally realizes his dream, and becomes Nanette's happy dad at the age of 33. years. He tells :

"After waiting all these years, I want to raise it as best as I can. Even if I am alone, I will not give up any sacrifice so that it lacks nothing »

Thanks to this experience that has transformed his life, this young daddy now fulfilled, decides to create a consulting firm, Proud Fertility, which supports the cause of future single fathers in their dealings with surrogates. After experiencing the many hardships of having a single child, Nathan now wants to be an inspiration to others.

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