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Massage These 8 Areas To Immediately Relax A Nervous Baby

Massage These 8 Areas To Immediately Relax A Nervous Baby

Taking care of your baby is not easy and all parents know it very well. The worst thing is to see the restless child moan in pain without knowing what it is and what to do. Fortunately, thanks to Chinese reflexology a simple massage of your baby's feet can have incredible benefits.

Reflexology is a Chinese healing technique for different parts of the body by applying pressure or by massaging certain reflex points that can act directly on different organs and parts of the body.

Here are 8 areas to massage at the feet of your baby to alleviate all the pain that causes its agitation and to save you stress and more.

1. Relieve headaches and toothache
A baby sometimes has a headache and a toothache. If you notice that your child has these pains, the points to massage are the tips of his toes. You can do it while he is sleeping.

To ease the pain in your baby's head or teeth, gently massage his toes, starting with the big toe. The best way to massage is to do it gently with your thumb.

2. Relieve the pressure and pain of the sinuses
For adults, sinus pain can be very disturbing, so what about a baby. If your child is restless and has a cold or flu and feels sinus pressure, the area to be targeted is the center of the toe area.

Place your thumb directly on the underside of your baby's big toe, then apply gentle pressure with a small circular motion. After a while, go to the next foot and massage the same area. Do the same for all your toes until you notice an improvement.

3. Relieve chest congestion and breathing problems
If your child feels chest congestion, you can relieve it by targeting the soles of your feet just below the toes and above the arch. Apply light pressure and massage this area in a circular motion. This action will help relieve congestion and reduce your child's coughing problems.

4. Belly pain
Your baby may have stomach upset, spasm, and difficulty breathing. To remedy this, gently massage the center of the foot where the arch begins. This area is connected to the solar plexus, a group of nerves between the stomach and the lungs. This will help ease the pain and relax your child.

5. Reflexology points more specific to the stomach
Even if the solar plexus is the perfect place to massage your feet to relieve stomach upset, it is possible to further deepen the reflexology of your baby's feet by targeting the area of ​​the upper abdomen. If you think something is bothering your baby's stomach, such as gas build-up, you can gently massage the reflex point of the upper arch area in addition to the solar plexus. This zone is located in the middle part of the foot, directly below the point of the solar plexus.

6. The lower abdomen and digestive problems
Like the area of ​​the upper abdomen, there is another area of ​​reflexology in the foot that corresponds to the lower abdomen and it concerns the colon and the small intestine. This area lies just below the upper abdomen, but above the heel. It is therefore sufficient to massage this area with slow circular movements with the thumb to provide general relief to the organs of the lower abdomen.

7. Relieve pain in the hip and pelvis
Hip pain can be a common problem in babies. The reflex area is below the lower abdomen area and just before the heel. Massage this area to help your child be relieved of pain in the hip and pelvis.

8. Give him a sense of security and calm with the Mother Earth Zone
If you have a nervous or suffering baby, the most important thing is to provide calm and safety. There is a reflex point known as Mother Earth, which is the lowest part of the heel and sides. You can massage this area with gentle, constant pressure, which will give your child a sense of security and comfort.
Immediately Relax A Nervous Baby