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The Mercury Of Your Filling Is A Silent Killer That Must Be Known

The Mercury Of Your Filling Is A Silent Killer That Must Be Known

Sometimes, certain dental gestures may seem innocuous to us. There are still some treatments that can be dangerous for us. This is the case of dental fillings, some of which mercury compounds may be toxic to those who are exposed. The metal could cause many diseases including serious brain disorders.

Mercury has long been used to make fillings since the 19th century. Dentists have perpetuated this habit because they were the cheapest on the market. Other benefits: they were faster, easier to place than traditional gold fillings that patients liked.

Those who had cavities to fill did not suspect that this novelty dental was far from protecting them. On the contrary, did you know that silver fillings contained 50% mercury? It is quite alarming because there is no minimum threshold of exposure to which we would be immune. Any substance containing mercury, no matter how small, is likely to cause us harm. Another scary fact: these silver fillings are very popular in the United States and fill the caries of more than 100 million Americans. And more and more scientific research is unanimous, silver fillings are toxic for us.

What is a silver seal?
Although they are called silver fillings, they are far from exclusively composed of this material. To tell the truth, this proportion represents only 32% of the filling. The proportion of mercury in this prosthesis is 50%. For the rest, it is tin, copper and zinc. Not the most exciting for our teeth and our body. When these three metallic substances are combined, dentists call it an amalgam, a hard material that survives the test of time. The finished product then fills the hole created by the decay and serves to strengthen the tooth and prevent it from breaking or falling.

Why does mercury poison our body?
Having an element such as mercury in the body is far from trivial for our body. Silver fillings are dangerous because they can cause poisoning because of the mercury they contain. This intoxication can cause many disorders such as insomnia, neurological damage, kidney or respiratory disorders. A case to take seriously, then. According to a study from the University of Washington, even a small dose of mercury in the body can cause brain problems. There is even talk of causality between mercury fillings and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Since 1 July 2018, the European Parliament has banned the use of metal alloy mercury in children under 15, pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. These recommendations have been followed in Norway, Sweden and Denmark where this dental metal alloy is now banned.

How to detoxify our body from this toxic substance?
There are natural ways to reduce the effect of mercury on our body. The cheapest way is the most effective is to use spirulina. Its process of action is simple: Spirulina acts by neutralizing toxins, including mercury, by attaching itself to it effectively. Toxic substances are then removed from the body by natural routes. To get rid of the risk of mercury poisoning associated with these fillings, you can visit your dentist and consult with him to put another type of amalgam. Fortunately, there are new mercury-free compositions on the market that can fill your caries healthily.