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This Mom Gives Birth To A Sick Girl To Donate Her Organs And Save Lives

This Mom Gives Birth To A Sick Girl To Donate Her Organs And Save Lives

Birth To A Sick Girl

The story of this mother's courage is devastating. According to our Sun colleagues, Krysta Davis was only 18 weeks pregnant when the diagnosis came down: her baby was suffering from anencephaly, a terrible brain malformation. The mother still chose to go to the end of her pregnancy to spend a week with her dying daughter. After the tragedy, she also chose to give the organs of her infant.

At 18 weeks of pregnancy only, the diagnosis had fallen. Krysta's baby had anencephaly, a congenital malformation that reaches the brain. Two choices were then necessary to her: to carry out an abortion or wait for the end of the pregnancy in spite of a risk of death of the baby. If she did not die instantly, the doctors gave her only a few days to live.

Krysta chose to wait. For her, the second option was better because it allowed to be able to give the infant's organs to young moms who needed it. A disinterested decision for parents who thought of those whose children were also malformed or who needed organs.

Despite this tragic news, the mother took advantage of her pregnancy as any other. She awoke to the joys of the first time and was eager to meet her little girl. "I had nine months to fall in love with my child. But my pregnancy was nothing when I was lucky to be able to carry her in my arms. I did not see anything abnormal, I was amazed by this little baby, "she said.

She was named Rylei Arcadia and was born on Christmas Eve. The baby was able to survive a week until New Year's Eve, to the delight of her parents. Two babies were saved thanks to Rylei: her heart valves and her lungs were transferred to a research center.

Krysta was not at her first pregnancy complication. In 2017, she suffered a miscarriage due to polycystic ovary syndrome. During Rylei's delivery, another complication put birth at risk: the baby was born with an inverted position, also known as the baby's position by the seat.

Gives Birth To A Sick Girl To Donate Her Organs

Pure love
When she heard the story of this incredible family, Clarissa Tilley, a photographer decided to immortalize the last moments of little Riley. She remembers her favorite image: Krysta's tears when she sees her baby girl for the first time or the last time the nurse checked her pulse. Two fateful moments in the infant's life that saved two lives. The photographer offered this photo report to the family.

She said, "I am a mother myself. Attending such an event touches me deeply. It could happen to anyone and it just breaks my heart, "said Clarissa. She added, "Riley was beautiful. Her brain was apparent but Krista did not see her disability, she saw her with pure love. "

What is anencephaly?

Anencephaly is a rare congenital disorder of the nervous system. It is linked to a defect in the closure of the neural tube, the primitive nervous system of embryos. It is the brain that is directly affected. In this case, a large part of the brain, skull and scalp are absent.

This disease is most often linked to genetic and environmental factors. Doctors most often talk about a deficiency of zinc and folic acid in the mother. Maternal obesity and gestational diabetes are also mentioned as risk factors. Children with this congenital disease are in most cases stillborn. In rare cases, they survive from a few hours to a few days.