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The Most Beautiful Women Would Give Birth To Girls

The Most Beautiful Women Would Give Birth To Girls

A girl or a boy ? This is the question that all couples ask when they are told that they will soon become parents. A recent study has just said that the most beautiful women give birth mainly to girls. Explanations.

Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, a researcher at London School of Economics, has conducted a study showing that women with the best physical benefits are more likely to give birth to girls. Evoked by our colleagues the Daily Mail, this news is controversial.

Unfair beauty between men and women
In 1958, Dr. Kanazawa opened an investigation into 17,000 baby girls in Britain. The latter were followed closely throughout their lives: at the age of 7, their attractiveness was evaluated by their teachers, so the researchers defined their degree of beauty. Once they reach the age of 45, participants were asked about their offspring. The results made it clear that women considered beautiful had more girls, while those who were less spoiled by mother nature gave birth to more boys.

A nature that meets societal requirements
Dr. Kanazawa said that attractive women find it easier to find a partner because men tend to favor women with a pleasing appearance. Women, however, can choose attractive men for a relationship, but this is only sufficient in the short term. For the long term, they are based primarily on wealth and social status.

He said on CloserOnline UK: "Physical attractiveness, while being a universally positive quality, contributes even more to the reproductive success of women than of men. "

Beauty is subjective
That said, children who are attractive do not always grow up, and ugly ducklings can become charming and seductive as adults.

The standards of beauty change with time and culture. Whether man or woman, the human being has always been attracted to beauty and has done everything to sublimate it. In every society, physical beauty has very specific criteria, criteria that change over time. A woman celebrated as beautiful 40 or 50 years ago is not necessarily so nowadays.

Indeed, beauty is subjective and its criteria also change according to society. Standards vary by culture: a woman considered beautiful in Britain will not necessarily be beautiful in another country or another continent. A slender, slender woman may be considered attractive and beautiful in a particular society, while in another she may be seen as unattractive.
The Most Beautiful Women Would Give Birth To Girls