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Neuroscientists Ask Women To Pay Close Attention To Their Number Of Hours Of Sleep

Neuroscientists Ask Women To Pay Close Attention To Their Number Of Hours Of Sleep

The virtues of sleep on the body are often ignored, left in the second row. Still, doing restful nights is a healthy habit for overall health. Especially for women who need more time than their peers to rest. Sleep is a way for the body to recover and repair the damage done during the day. A good night helps keep the organs functioning and in good health.

When we sleep, our body is at rest but still in working order. Some elements are synthesized to allow our body to obtain new reserves of energy necessary for the effort of the next day. It also allows cellular reconstitution of all organs. With revitalized organs, we are ready to fully exploit them during the next day!

Men and women are of a different biological nature. This is why there is a contrast in the process of sleep. We all think we need 8 hours of sleep, but recent research says it's more than that for women.

Verdict: The researchers estimate that women who sleep 8 hours a night are not well rested. And for good reason, the female brain is much more active than the male brain, which explains a need for sleep proportional to its activity.

Sleeping beautifying and restorative, myth or reality? For researchers, this is a real and palpable phenomenon. This is why it is important to take the time you need to rest, a habit that has effects beautifying and smoothing on the skin. Message to women: You must have a restful night's sleep. By taking your time to sleep, you improve your overall health, your energy and your appearance. There are also other benefits to having complete and relaxing nights.

Decrease of stress
Stress and lack of sleep can cause damage to our cardiovascular health. Sufficient sleep helps us fight the stress accumulated during the day. Insufficient hours of sleep can affect the nervous system and as a vicious circle stress increases when we do not sleep enough. In case of insomnia or sleep disorders, it is important to consult a specialist.

Healthy body
A good number of hours of sleep helps us to rest our organs and maintain a good level of daily tone. It is also important for those who want to start a diet. People who have a good rest lose more fat. In addition, when we wake up late at night, our hormones send us the signal to eat more food, which in turn leads to weight gain.

Better concentration
A sufficient number of hours of sleep allows us to be more concentrated the next day. Sleep plays an indispensable role in the proper functioning of brain activity. Put the odds on your side: keep too stimulating electronic devices away from your bed. Your eyes also need rest.

Better memory
Good sleep hygiene helps us to remember things better. Since sleep is directly related to brain activity, we can not improve our abilities if we do not put our brains to rest. If you learn things before going to bed and repeat them when you wake up, you are strengthening your brain. You will see that you have memorized what you wanted to learn.

Increased creativity
Before you want to compose a piece of piano or put yourself to manual work, sleep. A nap or a good night's sleep can give you inspiring leads that will enhance your creativity.

A winning spirit
If you practice a sport, a sufficient number of hours of sleep is essential. The body gains in tone, energy and your performance gains. Your sleep is a pillar of your health.
Neuroscientists Ask Women To Pay Close Attention To Their Number Of Hours Of Sleep