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Do Not Tell Anyone About Your Personal Life: Live Hidden To Live Happy!

Do Not Tell Anyone About Your Personal Life: Live Hidden To Live Happy!

Human relations are particularly difficult to understand, as the other is not a true copy of who we are. Indeed, we often expect from our interlocutor the reaction we would have had in the same case. However, we are all different, so we must not say everything or share our personal lives.

Although we are surrounded by friends or family members, we sometimes want to entrust ourselves to people outside this circle, in order to have a new opinion or point of view. However, on some topics, it is better to focus on suspicion because we are never sure what the other will do with the information we share with him. Moreover, here are some topics on which it is better to be discreet, to avoid conflicts of interest and potential sources of disputes:

Family problems
In the family setting, it is normal to face conflicts, whether between us and a family member or between two members of our family. In the same way, the family is a zone of comfort and security where each one reveals its secrets. So, avoid breaking this by revealing in the public square the family problems that concern you or a relative.

To succeed in life and to feel good, it is necessary to leave the grudges in the place they deserve: the past. Indeed, continually talking about an argument or an act that has hurt us tires the person in front of us and encourages us to remain in a toxic attitude. Instead of harming the one who hurt us, we hurt ourselves. Choose the path of redemption and forgiveness and finally free yourself from these wounds.

Purchasing power, wages, donations, taxes ... so many terms that inevitably send us back to money. Currently, we live in a consumer society where money allows access to a particular social rank and to meet our needs and desires. But money is above all a potential source of conflict as we judge each other's success at the amount of money they collect. But success is not just about that and some people forget it. So, to avoid judging and being judged, it is better to keep the discussion of one's financial situation in a small circle.

Last purchases
Although we all want to share with others the memories of our last trip or the name of the creator of our new fashion accessory, it is best to keep this to yourself. Indeed, without wanting to, you can arouse jealousy and lust for others and create futile reasons for disputes.

Personal convictions
Religion, politics, various beliefs ... are personal convictions that are not always good to share. Indeed, as long as we have not created a sincere and reciprocal link with our interlocutor, we can unconsciously hurt him by sharply sharing our opinion and our beliefs, and vice versa. Thus, it is better to be certain of the strength of our relationship with each other before addressing these topics. It should also be noted that posting our opinions publicly can cause us real problems, including legal ones.

Good actions
Although we are happy to have done a good deed, bragging about it cancels this symbolic gesture. Indeed, to boast of its own merits insinuates that we have worked in a charitable way in order to derive an interest, namely the glory. Know that just doing a good deed is rewarding and there is no point in talking about it.

Sharing one's most intimate ambitions does not always help us. In fact, instead of allowing us to carry out this or that project, talking about it forces us to face criticisms and obstacles. However, generally, the idea that we share is not necessarily accomplished and we can quickly get discouraged. Take care of your most ambitious ideas and projects and share them only with people you trust, who will offer you real support in the execution of your dreams.
Do Not Tell Anyone About Your Personal Life