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Doctors Have Just Developed A Revolutionary New Therapy To Fight Cancer

Innovation: immune banks could store immune cells in the future. These could be delivered in a few hours to hospitals. This treatment is c...

Innovation: immune banks could store immune cells in the future. These could be delivered in a few hours to hospitals. This treatment is considered the ultimate approach to the use of the immune system. This therapy will be used next year and has so far been successful during the tests.

Immunotherapy, a revolution for cancer treatment
This treatment could save millions of cases of cancer according to scientists as reported by our colleagues at L'Express. Immunotherapy, still in its infancy, can spare the effects of chemotherapy to patients by strengthening their immune system.

The team at the Francis Crick Institute in London now wants to set up the first immune banks that will store the "Natural Killer" cells.

A boon for oncologists who could easily control immune cells. These would be directly delivered to clinics and infused to patients. Thanks to a natural approach called "DIY", cells can join the immune system of patients to have a destructive effect on tumors. This treatment could potentially save millions of lives.

However, Professor Adrian Hayday, head of the Crick Immunoservice Lab Group, said, "We are not there yet. Nevertheless, this is what we are trying to put in place lately. There are many possibilities for establishing banks like this. "He also added that a few years ago, it was believed that cancer could not be attacked other than by attacking the disease itself.

Yet, a growing field of research has emerged in recent years. Experimental treatments change their approach and focus on training patients' bodies so that they can eradicate the disease by themselves. One goal: to avoid chemotherapy and radiation that can be destructive to healthy cells in the body. According to scientists, experimental treatments could adapt more quickly to the body than traditional solutions.

Professor Hayday called the concept "radical". "The cells do nothing but strengthen the immune system," reassured the scientist. According to the researchers, the first infusions should take place during the year 2019.

How does immunotherapy work?
Immunotherapy uses our immune system to fight cancer. One principle: to help the immune system to recognize and neutralize cancer cells.

Our immune system works against diseases, infections and viruses in general. It can also protect us from the development of cancer.

Our immune system is composed of lymphatic glands, spleen and white blood cells. In working order, this system can prevent the development of cancer by detecting and attacking defective cells. However, several reasons explain its insufficiency to be able to fight against such a disease:

-The immune system recognizes the cancer cells but is not strong enough to kill them.

- Cells with cancer send signals to the immune system that prevent them from attacking them

-The cancer cells are hiding and escaping the immune system

Immunotherapy is not as widespread as traditional treatments. Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells while radiation uses radiation, including X-rays.

This alternative treatment has a different approach: it uses the natural power of the immune system to fight diseases and has been approved to treat people with many types of cancer.

Alternative therapies
Many therapies using immune cells are under development, called targeted therapy or biological therapies:

Monoclonal antibodies are molecules produced in the laboratory and designed as surrogate immune cells.

Vaccines can stimulate the immune system to fight cancer. Cytokines, proteins naturally made by the body, help fight the disease. Researchers have been able to make molecules that look like them to strengthen the immune system and fight several types of cancer.

The transfer of adoptive cells is also possible through a modification of the white blood cell genes to help them recognize and kill cancer cells. Treatments less aggressive than chemotherapy and have proven themselves to the scientific community.
Revolutionary New Therapy To Fight Cancer