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14 Signs That You Have A Toxic Partner Who Does Not Want To See You Happy

14 Signs That You Have A Toxic Partner Who Does Not Want To See You Happy

Toxic relationships are part of life and whether we like it or not, we almost all end up going through it. They are often mixed with drama and generally, we do not necessarily realize at first. A toxic person will always do everything to stay in your life, even if you try to get away from it. It will make you feel guilty, doubt yourself, and feel responsible for the misfortunes that happen to you. Fortunately, some signs do not deceive.

Having a toxic spouse is not an easy task. You must already be able to realize it, because you must know that a toxic person will always make you feel guilty. Very often, we find ourselves stuck in a vicious circle and we can no longer see clearly. That's why you have to learn how to distance yourself from your partner in order to objectively evaluate your relationship. In order to help you, here are the 14 signs that your partner is poisonous and will do anything to stop you from being happy:

He does not consider you a priority
If your spouse puts his needs before yours and he never bothering to put you first, it's time to question himself.

He always makes you wear the hat
There is nothing worse than feeling guilty for a fault that has not been committed. If your spouse is unable to accept his mistakes, it is not for you to do it for him.

He plays double game
When it's him, nothing is serious, but when it's you, the sky falls on his head. A healthy relationship is based on mutual respect. If he prevents you from doing things that he does not deprive himself, sound the alarm.

He does not respect your limits
Respect ... again and again respect! A man who does not respect the limits you impose on him can easily switch to abusive behavior.

He always makes you feel guilty
A man who never assumes his mistakes will always make you play the wrong role. Indeed, it is easier for him to see you feel guilty than to question himself.

He does not like your loved ones
Generally, it is your loved ones who see clearly in his game. That's why a toxic partner will do everything to isolate you.

He lies nonstop
Master in the art of manipulation, he will make you believe wonders to keep you in his life.

He does not let you breathe
If there is one thing that scares him, it is to leave you alone. Indeed, staying alone could make you think and open your eyes to the unhealthy situation you are in, and that's all he does not want!

He tries to control you
A man who tries to control you considers you his property. He wants to have control over every aspect of your life, which gives him that feeling of power and unhealthy superiority.

He is never at your service
A toxic spouse only listens to himself. And talking to him is like talking to a wall. His needs will always come first and yours will always be relegated to the background.

He does not want to see you evolved
He sees your evolution as a threat. He feels competing with you and does not want you to win.

He uses intercourse to manipulate you
In addition to manipulating you psychologically, he also uses intercourse to achieve his ends. He tries to control you at every level.

He never compromises
Either you do things in his own way, or you do not do them at all. A toxic spouse will always refuse to compromise.

He expects everything from you
Finally, the toxic partner has unrealistic expectations. He gives you nothing but expects you to offer him the moon in return.
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