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Strong Women Are The Most Anxious

Strong Women Are The Most Anxious

Life is sometimes trying with a lot of ups and downs. The small and big hassles of everyday life are at the head of strong women who are often overwhelmed by anxiety due to constant pressure. The pressure to be independent, at the height, to be beautiful and so many other injunctions imposed by society and culture. But the strong woman is often more vulnerable to anxiety but she never lets herself be.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion caused by apprehension of an imminent or potential danger. It is manifested by several symptoms such as palpitations, fatigue, muscle tension or nervousness. In high doses, it can generate a crisis of anxiety that can be felt as a feeling of imminent death in those who suffer. According to this study, women are more likely to suffer from anxiety than men.

The strong woman: her fight against anxiety

She never lets herself be defeated by her inner conflicts, because she feels deep inside herself that she is stronger than the negative ideas that sometimes haunt her mind. She has already experienced it.

When all was running out and hope seemed dead and buried, she could see the beams of light that gave her the energy to move forward. Weakness and pessimism? Too little for her.

Fall seven times and get up eight. She never sees an error as a tragedy but as a lesson that teaches her to advance on the chessboard of life. And the queen is her.

She survives calamitous days and sometimes, she can not stand this anguish that devours her bowels and gives him cold sweats. And yet, it is a perpetual fight between her and her demons, most often she is the winner.

Her secret: she knows that the future belongs to those who never give up and never give up. She is inspired by other strong women who have experienced adversity and still stood up when everything was dark and nothing seemed to smile. Then in his head a refrain persists in his mind "Continuous, continuous".

She climbs the ladder of life with grace and dignity. She is grateful and compassionate to those who are worse off than she is. She knows that the grass is not greener elsewhere and that so many people suffer poverty, famine, war, and that they still maintain an unshakeable faith in life.

Despite the anxiety that assails her, she knows that it is only a feeling. She knows that any state of mind - fear, despair, rancor - is only ephemeral. For her, everything passes but nothing changes her true nature: a strong woman who stands the test of time and her disappointments.

Sometimes, anxiety takes precedence over his courage. So he happens to let her take over. This is his strategy. She does her back and lets anxiety invade her, like a wave. It will take the time it takes. But she keeps in mind that once the wave has passed, she will come back with energy and stronger than before. For the bad demons end up one day going back to where they come from: in hell. She, she chose life.

She is creative, resilient, loving life in its entirety. Her highs, her stockings, she lives with emotions without cynicism or despair. Her anguish is a sign that she takes things to heart. A woman of wit, she composes with her feelings and never leaves the desire to abandon everything to invade her. She knows, she's stronger than that.

Heroine of everyday life, she may not know that she inspires a lot of people around her. With her invisible burden on her back, her heart radiates the lives of the people she loves and brings them a lot of joy. None of her relatives suspect that she suffers from anxiety, because her moments of questioning, she lives alone with herself.

Like a lion, she does not follow the flock. His victories, his failures are part of the enigma of his life. It is like the reed: it bends but never breaks. That's it for her, to be a strong woman. And anxiety, no matter how great, can never take it away.
Strong Women Are The Most Anxious