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Women Should Be Allowed To Nap At Work To Increase Their Productivity

Women Should Be Allowed To Nap At Work To Increase Their Productivity

A good sleep is essential to our health since it increases our general well-being, reduces stress and gives us more energy to spend a dynamic day. On the other hand, when we sleep badly, it affects our shape, our mood and our memory, especially since women are more affected by these evils. Also, napping at work can only be beneficial and make us productive.

Employees who are half asleep are usually not productive during the day, which can cause them more stress. Moreover, this is also valid for the bosses, who according to a study published in CNN BUSINESS, have in their turn need a sufficient sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours so that there is no negative impact on their performance.

Also, a restorative nap is recommended, according to a study, to allow people with sleep disorders, to become more productive. Moreover, it turns out that the nap is more effective than taking caffeine and that it would further increase alertness and memory.

What about people who suffer from a sleep disorder?
People who suffer from a sleep deficit should in principle be allowed to sleep in the workplace in order to be more profitable. According to an article published in Le Monde, French companies are starting to take a nap at work and have even created rest rooms that could allow employees, during their break time, to make invigorating naps.

Women need more sleep than men
However, the nap, which certainly has benefits for everyone, is more beneficial for women who, according to one study, need it more than men because of the complexity of their brains. Thus, Professor Horn, said in INDEPENDANT, that the woman's brain is solicited several times during the day since she tends to do several things at once, which is why she needs more sleep.

Indeed, given the busy schedule of women by their work as well as the responsibility they have towards their family, they are constantly solicited which makes, therefore, their brains more exhausted.

On the other hand, hormonal change is also one of the causes of women's disturbed sleep. Indeed, during pregnancy or menopause, they suffer hormonal imbalances that cause them to want to sleep more unlike men who do not suffer from these ailments.

Likewise, the stress and constant reflection that occurs especially before the beginning of their menstrual cycle, occupy their minds and tire them, why they need more rest to relax their minds.

Also, women should be allowed to take a nap at work and scientists urge bosses to let their employees rest at work in order to become more productive and profitable.

How to benefit from a break during work?

Lack of sleep can affect both physical and mental health, leading to depression, loss or gain of appetite, eye or digestive problems. Also, make up for the lack of sleep by a nap is essential.

To benefit during work, it is important to know that it should be taken during the break time; and a nap of 20 minutes is more than enough to catch you and refresh your brain.

To do this, you can, after agreement with your hierarchy, look for an empty room at work or lie in your car to rest.

You can also use plugs to block external sounds and a headband to prevent light from disturbing your eyes, if you have more trouble falling asleep.

Avoid, in addition, to eat heavy foods to digest which can cause drowsiness and make you lethargic.

So do not hesitate to take a nap if you need it. This can only increase your vigilance and make you more active and productive in your work.
Women Should Be Allowed To Nap At Work To Increase Their Productivity