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The World's Most Identical Twins Share The Same Boyfriend And Want To Get Pregnant At The Same Time

The World's Most Identical Twins Share The Same Boyfriend And Want To Get Pregnant At The Same Time

Identical Twins

Known to be the most identical twins in the world, Anna and Lucy DeCinque share everything. Same job, same room, same bed, and even more surprising, same boyfriend. The two young women have a fusional relationship and want to be like each other at all costs! Indeed, after spending thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery to become completely indistinguishable, today they are considering getting pregnant at the same time.

Originally from Perth, Australia, 33-year-old Anna and Lucy Decinque are the perfect example of the famous twinship that can at times overwhelm understanding. Perfectly identical, these binoculars have the project to push their similarity beyond appearances. Relayed by our colleagues from the New York post, discover this unusual story, as delirious as it is amazing!

Identical Twins

 Babies who would be both half-brothers and cousins!

Byrne, 35, has been sharing Anna and Lucy's life for more than seven years and all three are delighted with this relationship. Completely mocking judgment and apriori, the trio is perfectly fulfilled and filled with this configuration: "Love is love, we are all adults and do no harm to anyone," they said.

But things do not stop there, when they appeared on the Australian show Today, Anna and Lucy revealed their intention to have a child at the same time. The two women explained that the idea, which would make their children both half-brothers and cousins, would come from their mother, Jeanna.

They said, "We want to live together the incredible experience of pregnancy. We want our bodies to look alike because we are so close, we need to be together and do the same thing. That's why we share the same boyfriend. We have to be pregnant at the same time, it will be another challenge and there is a lot of pressure on Ben. "

After considering in vitro fertilization as a first step, their mother convinced them to try to conceive their babies naturally. Nevertheless, the twins are aware that in this case, it is nature that finally decides, and that their chances of becoming pregnant at the same time are therefore very low.

Considered the logical continuation of their relationship, Anna and Lucy would also like to marry Ben, although polygamy is currently banned in Australia. "If we could change the law, we'd like to marry Ben. I think we have to marry the same man, that's what's best for us, "they explained in unison.

Despite the many criticisms, the two sisters fully assume their extraordinary lifestyle and have only the abject comments they receive. It's their life and they want to live it as they see fit: "We know that many people think we do anything, but in the end it's our body, it's our life . You must respect our choices (...) We think that Ben will be an extraordinary father ".

Identical Twins

Polygamy, natural or cultural norm?
Polygamy is a concept that fascinates and repels at the same time. Fidelity being a principle that governs our Western societies, we therefore consider polygamy to be unacceptable, immoral and turpid. Nevertheless, it is sufficient to examine them more closely to understand that, although they are officially monogamous, they tolerate de facto polygamy in many forms. Example: Being married or in a relationship and having an extramarital relationship with another person. Is it not a kind of disguised polygamy?

It should be known that most ancestral men practiced polygamy, while women at the time felt better served as the co-wife of one important man than the wife of another. Despite attempts by the West to establish a system of "imposed monogamy", the modern human spirit remains composed of genetically coded psychological adaptations that have evolved from these ancestral polygamous environments.

So why is polygamy so hated in developed countries?
In fact, thanks to better public health, there is no shortage of men in Western societies. Moreover, the main reason that polygamy has no place in modern societies is that it works best in the agricultural world where children contribute to work. In contrast, Western societies are highly urbanized, so it is particularly difficult to raise large families because children weigh heavily on finances.