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This 25-year-old Dad Falls Asleep With His Newborn Baby On The Couch, Wakes Up Two Hours Later And Realizes That His Baby Is Dead!

This 25-year-old Dad Falls Asleep With His Newborn Baby On The Couch, Wakes Up Two Hours Later And Realizes That His Baby Is Dead!

For a newborn, the outside world is very different from the uterus, so it is the responsibility of the parents to help them get used to their new life by bringing warmth, love, attention and above all a lot of hugs . That's exactly what this young dad tried to do while he had a good time on the couch with his baby. He fell asleep, unfortunately. Two hours later, he wakes up and realizes that his baby is dead!

David Hulley, 25, became a dad for the second time a few weeks ago. One day, he was lying on the couch with his four-week-old baby Karson, thinking that the child was perfectly safe. Relaxed, the baby seemed to be doing fine, as explained by the young dad at Sun magazine. But the unthinkable happened two hours later, when the baby was not breathing anymore!

A dad with a broken heart
Father and son fell asleep on the couch, but when David wakes up, he realizes there was something wrong because Karson was not making any sound. Despite David's best efforts, the boy was insensitive.

David immediately panicked, he called the mom who came to try to wake him but to no avail. Both parents called an ambulance that took the newborn to the hospital.

The doctors were unfortunately unable to help because Karson had suffered Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and they did not know why. Pathologist Melanie Newbold said the baby had no external injuries or marks and was perfectly normal. He had signs of a cold, but he was fine until his death. "

What is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of an apparently healthy baby under one year of age.

A combination of environmental and physical factors may make an infant more vulnerable to SIDS. These factors vary from one child to another. Indeed, cerebral defects, low birth weight, respiratory infection, sleep position or overheating of the baby are likely causes of SIDS.

Prevent Sudden Infant Death
There are recommendations for the prevention of SIDS, in particular:

1 - Place your baby on your back, rather than on your stomach or side, each time you put him to sleep during the first year of his life.

2 - Keep the crib as naked as possible. Use a firm mattress and avoid placing your baby on thick, fluffy padding. Do not leave pillows, stuffed toys in the cradle. These can interfere with breathing if your baby's face is against them.

3 - Do not overheat your baby. To keep your baby warm, try a nightwear that does not require additional coverage.

4 - Ideally, your baby should sleep in your room with you, but only in a cradle or other structure designed for infants, for at least six months and, if possible, up to a year.

5 - Adult beds are not safe for infants. A baby may get stuck and suffocated between the slats of the headboard, the space between the mattress and the bed frame or the space between the mattress and the wall. A baby can also choke if a sleeping parent accidentally turns over and covers the baby's nose or mouth.

6 - Breastfeed your baby, if possible. Breastfeeding for at least six months reduces the risk of SIDS.

7 - Using a nipple without a strap or string at nap and bedtime could reduce the risk of SIDS. If you are breastfeeding, wait until your baby is between 3 and 4 weeks old to give him a pacifier, but if he is not interested do not force him.