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Airbnb Pays You To Eat Pasta And Live For 3 Months In A Village In Italy!

Airbnb Pays You To Eat Pasta And Live For 3 Months In A Village In Italy!

If you are told that you can get paid for traveling and eating good Italian food, do you believe us? Probably not. Well think again because the company Airbnb calls on 4 candidates to spend 3 months in the charming village of Grottole, in southern Italy. We dreamed about it, Airbnb did it!

Traveling is an incredible way to discover new cultures and open up to the world. Apart from the well-being and personal growth that it provides, it also helps to learn more about others and to realize how vast the world is. Indeed, travel is the antidote of ignorance.

Thanks to this initiative launched by Airbnb, you can now realize your dreams of escape and learn more about Italian culture for zero fees!

The benefits of travel on your health
In an article relayed by our fellow NBC News, traveling would bring many health benefits, whether physical or emotional. According to a study by The Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, traveling would have the same effects as making a puzzle or crosswords as it would stimulate the brain!

Moreover, it would reduce the stress of everyday life and make you happier. Indeed, disconnecting from your work and routine is a key factor to change your mind and take a breath of fresh air! A study by Cornell University would have discovered that anticipating and planning a trip would bring a sense of immediate happiness, far greater than the satisfaction of buying something that was important to us for example.

In addition, Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, is reported to have conducted several studies on a possible link between travel and creativity. In particular, he discovered that travelers who invest in discovering the cultures that surround them would become more open and therefore more creative.

"The Italian sabbatical trip"
It is in partnership with Wonder Grottole that Airbnb offers a paid sabbatical stay of 3 months in the south of Italy. This platform, normally paying, offers 4 candidates to settle in a small village, teach them to prepare Italian pasta, and organize dinners where they can demonstrate their new leadership skills!

Through this initiative, the site looks for people willing to discover new cultures and integrate into the community around them. Indeed, Grottole is a very small village of just 300 inhabitants. Moreover, it is for this purpose that Wonder Grottole has partnered with Airbnb, in order to revive this small village that now has nearly 600 uninhabited houses. Indeed, this local non-profit association struggles tirelessly to preserve its historic center, otherwise the village may well disappear. By integrating this program, the selected candidates will become full citizens of Grottole for the duration of their stay.

Airbnb describes this experience to potential candidates,

"Flee the hustle and bustle of big cities and become a temporary citizen of a village in southern Italy. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the local culture, and learn all there is to know about Italian culture and cuisine. You will be supported by the local community by integrating this Airbnb experience. Your goal? To revive the village of Grottole »

For those who will be chosen, you will learn how to cook pasta according to authentic Italian recipes, grow local products, become experts in beekeeping and revive a historic center that dates back to the 10th century!

If this opportunity interests you, click here to register. The application deadline is February 17, 2019 at midnight!