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Babies Born In February Are Extraordinary

Babies Born In February Are Extraordinary

Have you ever wondered why babies born in February are so popular? Imagine that the shortest month of the year is not the most insignificant, on the contrary! Steve Jobs, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, this month gave birth to the most famous personalities of our history. So, if you were born during the month of love and Valentine's Day, discover these qualities that make you an extraordinary person!

Beyond their little face that makes us want to cover them with hugs, babies born in February are endowed with a creativity and a temperament that make them unique beings. Native of a very special month, it is enough to observe them to know that they are born under a good star and that they are destined to big things! Here are their characteristics:

They would be bigger than the average
According to a 2006 study by researchers at Harvard, the February-born would be taller by the age of 7 than people born at other times of the year. Researching 21,000 children, they found that babies born in February were likely to be taller, heavier in weight, and have larger head circumference than average.

They are more likely to get their doctorate
In the same study, winter babies would have performed better than others in a series of tests conducted by Harvard researchers. After examining their scores, they would have found that babies born in winter and spring are better at anthropometric and cognitive variables.

They are the sign of Aquarius or Pisces
Aquarian native babies (born between January 20 and February 18) are known for their intelligence and creativity, facing Pisces (February 19 to March 20) who are characterized by their imagination, loyalty and compassion . Indeed, humanitarian causes are particularly important to them and they always do their best to be innovative and find solutions to help others.

They have an artistic side
Babies born in February are indeed, extremely creative. Beyond the qualities attributed by their astrological sign, the natives of this month have a scientific predisposition to turn to the field of art. As a research conducted by The United Kingdom 's Office for National Statistics explains, the month and the season in which a child is born greatly affects its development, and babies born in February are more likely to become artists.

They are more likely to become famous
In a study conducted by The Journal of Social Science on a sample of 300 celebrities, researchers would have found a positive correlation between the natives of Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) and the willingness to become famous. Indeed, January and February are associated with creativity and talent. You only have to see Michael Jordan's course born on February 17th!

Their flowers of birth are the violet and the primrose
Despite what one might believe, the red rose is not the flower that symbolizes the month of Valentine's Day! Indeed, the natives of February are characterized by unique flowers including the violet, symbol of loyalty and loyalty, as well as the primrose, which represents eternal love.

Their birthstone is amethyst
According to The American Gem Society, this stone goes back to ancient Greece, and would be associated with values ​​of peace, courage, strength, and stability. Some historical accounts show that the amethyst was worn by Valentine's Day in person, carved in the form of Cupid!

Cupid watches over their romantic relationships
When we see all these signs that constantly return to love, it seems normal that Cupid plays an important role in their life as a couple. Always at their side, he puts happiness on their way and teaches them passion, love and fidelity.

Besides, is not that why we love them so much?
Babies Born In February Are Extraordinary