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You Need To Clean Your Kidneys: Here's How To Remove All The Toxins

You Need To Clean Your Kidneys: Here's How To Remove All The Toxins

Cleansing the kidneys is essential for the body since this organ is largely responsible for eliminating toxins that accumulate daily. Recipes and detox juices, foods play in our favor when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and efficient functioning of our metabolism. Here are some recipes that will allow you to purify your kidneys with ease.

Bloating, kidney stones or bladder infections, the kidneys play a fundamental role for our health. Poorly maintained, they can lead to serious diseases due to an accumulation of toxins in the body. Indeed, the kidneys act as a filter in our metabolism and are responsible for the elimination of waste, the regulation of blood pressure, the production of hormones responsible for the level of red blood cells and calcium in the body, as well as than maintaining the acid-base balance of the body.

Now that we see more clearly in the functioning of this body, let's take a look at some detox recipes that can purify it:

1- Detox made from cayenne pepper and lemon

· ½ lime
· 1 lemon
· A pinch of cayenne pepper
· 1 tablespoon of organic honey
· ½ liter of water

Squeeze the lemon to get a juice, and add water and organic honey to soften the taste. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper and drink this juice to start your day.

Thanks to the lemon content in citric acid and potassium, this food is an essential ally in preventing kidney stones and increasing urinary volume. Cayenne pepper, an ingredient in the same family as hot pepper, contains capsaicin, which scientists consider an effective tool in the fight against urological disorders. Combined with honey with numerous immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and prebiotic properties, these combined ingredients offer a multitude of health benefits.

2- Watermelon detox

· ½ organic watermelon
· 1 peeled lime

For this recipe, it is important to squeeze the watermelon and its bark. Cut it into pieces, add the peeled lime, squeeze everything and your drink will be ready!

According to a study published by The Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy Journal, the watermelon, also known as Critrullus lanatus, plays a protective role for the kidneys and helps maintain clear urine, characteristic of good renal function. Furthermore, in vivo and in vitro experiments on rodents have demonstrated a diuretic and antioxidant action of the watermelon to restore the levels of phosphate, calcium, oxalate and citrate.

3- Radish-based detox

· 6 to 8 radishes
· 8 celery stalks
· 1 lemon
· 1 ginger root of about 2.5cm
· ½ red cabbage
· 1 liter of water

Wash all the ingredients, then mix everything in the blender by adding water. All you have to do is enjoy this detoxifying drink!

When it comes to kidney stones, radish is particularly beneficial in preventing their formation. Indeed, this food rich in water-soluble vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium or potassium would make it easier to eliminate the calcium oxalate responsible for the formation of crystals in the kidneys. In addition, the content of celery components such as caffeic acid, tannin or luteolin, makes it a natural food with powerful antioxidant properties in the elimination of free radicals that can lead to kidney disease. Moreover, it is the same for the red cabbage which shares the same properties thanks to its content of flavonoids, as well as for leginger with the nephroprotective capacities on the renal insufficiencies.

It is always advisable to talk to your doctor before taking a detox course and consume these kinds of drinks because ingredients like ginger and lemon can interact with certain medications.

Ginger is not recommended for pregnant women especially after the first trimester of pregnancy, for weak people or who suffer from blood diseases as well as diabetics.

Lemon is not recommended for people with ulcers, heartburn or kidney problems.
You Need To Clean Your Kidneys