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Grandma's Tip: The Cure For Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough And Lung Disease

Grandma's Tip: The Cure For Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough And Lung Disease

Cough, bronchitis and asthma are common lung diseases. They occur because of a pathogen or risk factors such as tobacco and pollution and can become chronic. Thus, the more they hang, the more the sick person sees his daily impacted. It is therefore better to prevent and relieve them quickly thanks to this traditional remedy.

There are many natural remedies from our ancestors. Among the latter, there is one based on red onion, maple syrup, honey and lemon. Overview of its benefits and its method of preparation.

The benefits of ingredients

Red onion
Source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and antioxidants, some of which are responsible for its color, the red onion is particularly beneficial for health. Indeed, it contains flavonoids and anthocyanins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Therefore, it helps to fight against the oxidative stress of cells and inflammations, which are responsible for many pathologies. In addition, a scientific study has highlighted the antiasthmatic potential of onion thanks to its antioxidant content and its bronchodilator and immunomodulatory properties. It is therefore an ally in case of pulmonary and respiratory diseases.

Maple syrup
Composed of magnesium, potassium and polyphenols, maple syrup is appreciated for its taste but also for its health benefits. Indeed, it has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Thus, it can fight against pathogens (viruses, bacteria) responsible for lung diseases including cough and bronchitis.

Having a high vitamin C content and being known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, lemon is an ally of the immune system. Indeed, it promotes the prevention and cure of many diseases including pulmonary and respiratory diseases. Moreover, it would have beneficial effects in case of allergic rhinitis according to a case study.

Rich in vitamins B3, B9 and C, honey is known for its effectiveness in calming the various coughs, whether or not related to an infection. Moreover, according to a scientific study, a single dose of honey before bedtime promotes the treatment of coughs in children. Note, however, that honey is contraindicated in children under one year old due to botulism.

Therefore, these ingredients, combined together, provide an effective natural cure for respiratory and lung diseases such as asthma, cough and bronchitis.

The natural cure for asthma, cough, bronchitis and lung disorders


- ½ kg of red onions
- 2 cups maple syrup
- 2 organic lemons (medium size)
- 1.5 liters of water
- 7 teaspoons of honey

First, heat the maple syrup over low heat. Then add the red onions, cut beforehand, then let simmer a few minutes. Once the onions are cooked (when they are transparent), add the water and stir. Cook for a few more minutes to reduce the water. Meanwhile, squeeze the lemons and mix the juice and honey and add to the onion mixture. Keep your medicine in an airtight glass bottle.

How to consume it?
Take a tablespoon of the mixture once a day before lunch. In case of infection, you can take it before each meal, three times a day.

This remedy is not recommended for people with allergies to nuts or pollen, stomach ulcers, gallstones and irritable bowel syndrome. Similarly, it is contraindicated in case of anticoagulant treatment.