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The 6 Most Dishonest Zodiac Signs

The 6 Most Dishonest Zodiac Signs

It is difficult to recognize an honest person from the one who is not, unless you know him deeply. Fortunately, astrology is there to help you differentiate between the sincere zodiac signs of dishonest ones, that you rub shoulders in your daily life.

There are, of course, pleasant things about signs but also bitter truths that can offend many. Here are the most dishonest signs:

1. Gemini
Gemini, born under duality, is a great liar and can very well excel in the matter. When faced with a dilemma, he can choose lying as the first option. This sign does not have the conception of reality and often remains confused in its mind because of the two different aspects of its personality. He can lie to embellish one side of his person and show a face that is not really his own.

2. Aries
Aries is not always aware of the consequences of lying. And even if he uses it from time to time, it remains for him the alternative in the face of a complicated situation that risks reaching his freedom, stability and security. To ensure his dominion and his power, he will not hesitate, however, to display fabulous lies without even thinking of the results of his act.

3. Cancer
The native of Cancer is certainly sweet inside but rough on the outside. He is generally good and sensitive, but if he is to take advantage of a situation, he will not hesitate to manipulate or even transform certain facts to his advantage. Cancer often lies to itself thinking that its lies are for the good cause in order to protect those it loves. He can also lie to hide his sensitivity in the eyes of others.

4. Leo
The Leo has a fearless and daring personality and his energy is vibrant. He wants his freedom and will do everything to save it. His excessive ego makes him believe that he is able to make everything happen and can even send it straight into the wall by making him believe he can not be wrong. Eager for success in all areas, he will not hesitate to use all possible subterfuges to take advantage of certain advantageous situations to reach the summit of glory.

5. Sagittarius
Sagittarius is often referred to as a happy spirit that loves freedom, travel and success. And to achieve his goal, he will not hesitate to adapt a style of steps, even doubtful, to get there. And even if he does not like to hurt around him, it will not prevent him from hurting his entourage just by greed. He will succeed with disconcerting ease, using his usual spontaneity.

6. Pisces 
Pisces is a sign of water that is part of the kind and compassionate signs. And to mollify him, it is enough to display a sad and quivering expression; he will be pampered to reassure and comfort you; this is due to its fragility and sensitivity. He rarely uses lies, however, when it is necessary for him to do so, he will not hesitate for a second to take risks by lying to you in an innocent way, with almost a bit of manipulation to be credible . His obsession is to feel abandoned by his family and his family. Loneliness scares him and just for that, he can lie or make false compliments to keep people around him. He can also increase his emotional state to beg the affection of others and feel safe.

Note that astrology remains subjective and that everyone can be dishonest or honest because everything depends on the context in which each human being has been educated.