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E-cigarettes Are Dangerous: They Increase The Risk Of Stroke By 70%

E-cigarettes Are Dangerous: They Increase The Risk Of Stroke By 70%

Electronic cigarettes are experiencing a real boom in the last decade. They are often marketed as a healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes. But is it true? A new study relayed by our colleagues Dailymail reveals that the use of electronic cigarettes increases the risk of heart attack, stroke or heart disease.

Always on the rise
About 3 million people use electronic cigarettes and many say they do so because it is a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes or it is a good solution to stop smoking.

As research is conducted on the subject of electronic cigarettes, it is becoming increasingly clear that these little gadgets are not as safe as they appear.

Disturbing results
One of the latest studies on the electronic cigarette conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA), found that heart attacks are almost 60% more common among people who use e-cigarettes. In addition, they have a risk of stroke greater than 71%.

The American Heart Association study also found that people who smoke electronic cigarettes are twice as likely to smoke conventional cigarettes as those who do not use electronic cigarettes. The high rates of use of both types of cigarettes contribute to a number of more negative health effects than those seen in e-cigarette users alone.

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer because inhaling smoke from burned materials is highly carcinogenic. However, more and more research suggests that e-cigarettes are just as harmful to the heart and the cardiovascular system as traditional cigarettes.

Last year, the American Heart Association found that conventional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes altered the lining of blood vessels, preventing them from expanding and preventing proper blood circulation. This narrowing of the arteries forces the heart to work more, which gradually damages it.

The largest AHA study on e-cigarettes and stroke now confirms the link between these cigarettes and potentially life-threatening blood clots. In this study of 400,000 people, the AHA found that nearly 66,795 respondents who used electronic cigarettes had a 71% higher risk of stroke. The same group had a 59% higher risk of heart attack or angina and was 40% more likely to develop heart disease.

Although the rate of stroke among e-cigarette users was significant as 4.2% had already experienced one, the researchers could not conclude that the use of e-cigarettes was fatal.

More and more young people are using electronic cigarettes
What is worrying is the increasing use rate of e-cigarettes among young people. The AHA found that 4.2% of adults use it, compared to 11.3% of high school students.

The researchers concluded that this generation will face more heart disease, stroke and heart attacks than those that preceded it.

According to Dr. Larry Goldstein, Director of the Department of Neurology and Co-Director of the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, this is a disturbing phenomenon, as it is a beginning of a wave of cardiovascular disease, which could occur in the future, since these electronic cigarettes have attracted a lot of young users.

He added that the situation is worrisome because there is an increased risk of stroke mortality, and although it is unclear what contribution electronic cigarettes made in this increase, this does not seem to be reassuring.

Public health officials have also been advised to continue pushing for the ban on sweet e-liquids that appeal to many young users.

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E-cigarettes Are Dangerous