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If Your Heart Is Broken, God Has Someone Better For You

If Your Heart Is Broken, God Has Someone Better For You

Significant stage of the end of a relationship, the break can be sudden or well thought out. It signals the end of a love, a sharing, a desire and often seems insurmountable. It breaks our hearts, upsets us, transcends us or frees us, but it always leaves us with a bitter taste because the break is a mourning.

And, we all live and manage this grief differently. Depending on the intensity of the feelings and the reasons for the breakup, it can be more or less difficult to overcome. Similarly, the situation is even more complicated if there are children. But then, how to go through this stage of life and above all, keep the hope of finding the right person?

Take advantage of failure
Generally, when a relationship ends, we only see the negative side of the situation. Yet this is an opportunity to improve and understand our shortcomings and / or target what we expect from each other. Instead of falling back into the same amorous failures, it is advisable to reflect on this schema, which we constantly repeat and which always and inevitably brings us to a break. The psychotherapist and author of La Repetition Amoureuse, Maryse Vaillant, explains in Psychologies that one must be able to recognize one's share of responsibility in a chaotic sentimental life, without blaming oneself, to ease the pain and take advantage of failure. Likewise, we must be able to determine our expectations, our shortcomings and what allows us to really develop in a relationship.

Afterwards, it is better to take your time before starting again in a relationship. Indeed, meeting for some time without a partner can really rebuild, take time for yourself, accept this failure and assimilate the new direction that we want to take. Moreover, when we are in a relationship, we sometimes move away from our family and our environment. So, enjoy this period of celibacy to reconnect with your loved ones and take care of yourself.

To keep hope
Throughout this post-breakup process, remember that you must always have faith in love, because no matter the hardships you are going through, you will always find the right person for you as the story of the thread explains. red of destiny:

According to an Asian legend, a red thread, that of Fate, connects us to another person. It would be attached to our little finger, even if we do not see it. It does not matter if the thread stretches, relaxes, or goes around the world, the two tied people always end up together, even after years. They may have already crossed each other, be next to each other without seeing or living millions of miles away, Destiny will always bring them back to each other.

The story tells that an emperor learned that a witch was able to see the thread of Fate. He asked her to help find the person who was connected to him to find his future wife. The witch accepted and began to follow her thread. She then brought him to a poor young peasant woman who was holding her baby and selling goods. She then asked the young woman to get up and explained to the emperor that here ended his thread. Thinking that the witch was making fun of him, he became mad with rage and made the young woman fall, who injured her forehead.

Years later, the emperor wanted to get married again. She was found to be the best contender in the whole country. On the day of the wedding, he saw a woman come in wearing a veil, which hid half of her face. The emperor then raised the veil and discovered that a scar adorned the forehead of his future wife.

Thus, history shows that Destiny reserves for us all a person and that we will meet, or rediscover, at the appropriate time.
If Your Heart Is Broken, God Has Someone Better For You