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A Man Dies After The Explosion Of His Electronic Cigarette

A Man Dies After The Explosion Of His Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is an alternative to quit smoking and many health-conscious people choose this option to quit smoking by believing that they are more effective than nicotine patches and gums. However, E-cigarettes are not safe, because in addition to the toxicity of its components, fatal explosions are added. Narrated by nbcNews, the tragedy of an American reveals the potential risk of this cigarette substitution.

The young man, then 24 years old, left his home to go to a store selling electronic cigarettes to stock up on vaping products. But while he was in his car, in front of the store, his electronic cigarette exploded, causing the young man a penetrating trauma. And according to the medical examiner, William died after a cerebral infarction and a hernia caused by the opening of the left artery of his neck, due to the explosion; a piece of metal was lodged in his neck, thus cutting off his left carotid artery.

Unfortunately, other similar cases have occurred in England, for example, when a cigarette-incompatible charging device caused an e-cigarette to explode.

What makes the electronic cigarette explode?
The electronic cigarette is one of the ways to stop smoking or to get a dose of nicotine without the harms of tobacco. However its danger is also deadly since it can cause serious burns to the third degree or death, not to mention the disadvantages of its components harmful to health.

It turns out that the battery of the electronic cigarette is the source of the problem. Indeed, most E-cigarettes are charged by a lithium-ion battery. We find these batteries in several electronic gadgets, including laptops, cameras or hybrid cars. However with an electronic cigarette, the danger is greater. A battery powers the device that turns the liquid into steam. And even though the risk of failure is considered low, it can occur in some rare cases.

According to Battery University, lithium-ion is safe, but in some cases microscopic metal particles can come into contact with other parts of the battery cell, causing a short-circuit in the battery. the cell. Similarly, when the battery fails, the electrolyte can heat up to boiling, an internal pressure occurs to alter the seal. As a result a pressure is released violently thus propelling the battery and the container like a bullet.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries used in computers or portable tools are protected by solid boxes, thus preventing the battery from exploding in the event of a failure.

What to do to avoid the explosion of an E-cigarette

First of all, it is important to choose a good quality electronic cigarette that meets safety standards. Also, avoid exposing the electronic cigarette to an external heat source such as sunlight, short circuit, or overload when plugged into a USB port that is not compatible.

In addition, the F.D.A proposed a regulation of the electronic cigarette, prohibiting in particular the sale of this device to the Americans under 18 years and by encouraging the manufacturers to reveal the ingredients of their products. She also recommends making sure that e-cigarettes meet the standards with security features and prohibiting anyone from loading their E-cigarette overnight.
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