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The 3 Most Unlucky Zodiac Signs In 2019

The 3 Most Unlucky Zodiac Signs In 2019

Each year, we ask ourselves the fateful question of whether we will have more luck than the year before. We wonder if we will meet love, if our finances will improve or if we are going to keep good health. The answer is in the stars and for some signs of the zodiac, there are periods that record ups and downs, where bad luck can be at the rendezvous.

Let's discover together the 3 most unlucky zodiac signs in 2019

Gemini are known for their legendary adaptability. However, in 2019, they will experience low periods, which will affect their business and which will be caused by their dual personality and spirit always in turmoil. Also, mistakes will be made during this year and a climate of insecurity will govern their relations both professional and personal.

This year 2019 will also be influenced by Pluto and Jupiter who will not be totally beneficial for this sign. Altercations with relatives could affect their morals to extend to the professional environment.

Holes in their budget may be caused by their compulsive desire to buy, creating an imbalance in their finances.

In the middle of the year, the Gemini will be governed by Venus but their primary interest will be to heal their appearance forgetting to feel empathy for their loved ones. In addition, they will be surrounded by toxic people who will lead them down, especially since the abuse of food and alcohol will be harmful to their bodies. Also towards the end of the year 2019, their health will be deteriorated by respiratory problems or bone troubles. However, the last three months will see a happy ending with more harmonious relationships and more stable cash inflows.

For the sign of the Virgo, fear, obsession and tension will be the watchwords of the year 2019.

Careful and meticulous, these two qualities will not be of service to the Virgo who will be obsessed by the control of her surroundings to the point of becoming authoritarian and despotic, which will generate tense relationships with loved ones.

The Virgo will be productive at the beginning of the year, but by the end of June, this native will lose control of his authority, finding himself at the mercy of other people. Fears and uncertainties will arise and stress pressure will be felt. The native of the Virgo will then turn into a cold person, feeling no emotion for others, which will affect his intercourse life; these disorders will therefore affect his personal relationships.

By September and October, these natives will have more convincing commitments, decisions will be made and problems will be solved. Also towards the end of the year, they will look back on past events and commit to opening up to others and taking better care of their health and spirit.

The sign of Cancer will be affected by addiction and instability. And even if this native has many qualities, he is often influenced by its negative side.

The beginning of the year will be marked by the fragility of this native who will see his romantic relationships crumble since the latter will seek more material reasons than affective to build relationships. He will be dependent on others for decision-making. As a result, a sense of insecurity will emerge that can affect his health and even his sleep patterns.

In love, boredom and routine will take over and as if it were not enough, problems related to his reproductive organs will emerge to cause problems of infertility or impotence; love conflicts will emerge, associated with the dependence of the other.

Also, the end of the year will be materialized by a questioning of the events of the year and by a constructive self-criticism allowing him to go ahead.
Unlucky Zodiac Signs In 2019