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I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Can Do So Many Things

I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Can Do So Many Things

Everyone uses toothpaste. This is usually the first thing we do in the morning when we get up: mechanically crush the tube on our toothbrush and eliminate bad breath in the morning. And yet toothpaste has many unknown uses.

The industrial toothpaste that we use every day is composed of between 15 to 50% of highly abrasive polishing agents for the teeth. So, why not try one of our natural recipes instead to make your own toothpaste? You can reuse your usual toothpaste and enjoy its polishing cleanser and abrasive effect to achieve these 18 surprising things:

1. Clear car scratches
You can erase the scratches of your car by applying a little toothpaste. Use an old soft cloth and gently rub it.

2. Hang posters
If you do not have tape at home, you can use a toothpaste to hang a poster. Just apply on each side and then stick the poster on the wall. If you wish to remove it, the toothpaste will not cause any damage to the wall.

3. Repair scratched CDs and DVDs
If you want to get old CDs to listen to them but are scratched, apply toothpaste on them to refurbish them.

4. Clean your thermos
You can eliminate the unpleasant odors of a thermos thanks to the antibacterial agent composition of the toothpaste. Fill the thermos with water and then add some toothpaste. Shake well and rinse.

5. Wash dirty hands
Stubborn dirt from the hands can be removed if you wash them with a little toothpaste. However, be sure to hydrate your hands afterwards, with a little shea butter or sweet almond oil.

6. Whiten your nails
To whiten yellow nails, just use toothpaste, given its abrasive and cleansing effect. Rub your nails gently with a little toothpaste and a nail brush and moisturize them.

7. Remove carpet stains
The toothpaste is excellent for removing stains embedded in your carpet. All you have to do is put a little on the task and then rub it, let it act for a few seconds and rinse.

8. Clean your shoes
You can make your shoes look new and eliminate stubborn stains by using toothpaste to clean them.

9. Clean your smartphone
In the same way as for CDs and DVDs, toothpaste can reduce the fine scratches on your screen and clean it. Simply apply a small dose of toothpaste to your screen (avoiding the buttons and speakers) and clean with a soft cloth.

10.Clean your iron
The stains on your iron can be removed with a toothpaste. Put some toothpaste on your iron and clean with a damp cloth.

11.Stress mosquito bites
Rubbing toothpaste can reduce the itchiness and irritation caused by mosquito bites, especially if it contains peppermint. Indeed, peppermint relieves itching and redness of bites through its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and its effect on the skin's thermoreceptors.

12.Clear dye stains
Apply toothpaste directly to the stain, let it dry overnight and rinse the next day.

13.Clear the ink stains on the shirt
Dye stains and ink stains can be removed in the same way with a toothpaste.

14.Clear water stains on the table
Stubborn water stains on tables can be easily removed with toothpaste. Simply rub the surface with a little toothpaste and clean with a soft cloth.

15. Remove mist from swimming goggles and diving masks
You can use toothpaste to prevent your swimming goggles or diving masks from misting up. Apply toothpaste to your glasses / masks then rinse with clear water and let them dry before use.

16.Clean the old keys of the piano
If you have a piano at home, you can use toothpaste to clean dirty keys and make them look better.

17. Shine the car headlights
Toothpaste can also make your headlights brighter. Rub toothpaste on it and wipe with a soft cloth.

18. Polish the money
Toothpaste can help polish silver, remove stains and restore shine. Just apply it to all silver surfaces and rub gently and clean with a soft cloth.

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