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Follow This One Week Diet To Lose 3 Pounds Naturally

Follow This One Week Diet To Lose 3 Pounds Naturally

Many of you are constantly looking for methods and tips that will help you get rid of your extra pounds. However, the effectiveness of the diets you are trying to undertake is not always established and you end up sinking into a continuous boomerang effect. If you are tired of the yoyo effect and want to lose your excess fat effectively, follow this diet that will allow you to lose more than 3 pounds in just a week!

So we offer a healthy diet, easy and short term. Without lasting deprivation, you will stay on a low calorie diet rich in fruits, vegetables and water for a week. This will improve your stool and allow you to boost your metabolism to boost the fat burning process.

Some basic rules for dieting

· Never skip breakfast

· Avoid the consumption of soft drinks

· Only eat healthy and unprocessed foods

· Stop eating after 8pm

· Remember to weigh yourself before starting a diet so you can compare your weight

How to lose weight in a week

Day 1: We only eat fruits
For this first day of dieting, you will eat nothing but fruit. That is to say that for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will eat all the fruits you want except bananas. We advise you to opt for seasonal fruits of biological origin.

Day 2: Vegetarian day
During this day, you will eat only vegetables: breakfast, lunch and dinner. We advise you to consume cooked potatoes at breakfast so that carbohydrates can decompose during the day. Also, it is important to include high fiber vegetables such as broccoli and beans. You can include them in your salads and soups or steam them.

Day 3: Fruits & Vegetables
During this third day, you combine the first and second day foods. Thus, you will consume only fruits and vegetables during your meals. Nevertheless, we advise you to avoid potatoes and bananas during this day.

Day 4: Bananas & Milk
During this fourth day, you will eat only bananas and preferably vegetable milk like almond milk. In smoothie or independently you will only eat these two foods for your meals. Also, be careful not to exceed 10 bananas and 3 glasses of milk a day.

Day 5: We reintroduce meat and fish
For this fifth day, you can eat meat, but only lean meat. For example, chicken breast and fish fillet. Also you will have the right to a maximum of 8 tomatoes that day. Remember to hydrate yourself (between 12 and 15 glasses of water) to effectively eliminate the uric acid produced by your body following your consumption of meat.

Day 6: Vegetables and red meat
For this day, you can eat vegetables at will. You can also eat red meat (well cooked) only for lunch.

Day 7: Vegetables and rice
For lunch, you can eat rice (choose brown rice) with vegetables. For this day, you can also eat a potato (no more) and consume fresh fruits and vegetables at will.

It is not recommended to do this diet more than twice a year. Also, if you suffer from any disease, it is necessary to consult your doctor before starting this plan.
One Week Diet To Lose 3 Pounds Naturally