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12 Reasons Why The Happiest Men End Up Marrying Nurses

12 Reasons Why The Happiest Men End Up Marrying Nurses

Every man is in search of the ideal woman who can understand, support, love and comfort him. And for those who can not find the rare pearl, look no further; you will find these qualities in nurses. The latter have always been a great success with men and have aroused their fantasies and for good reason, their exceptional charm and dedication.

Men who marry a nurse, marry a woman who combines hardness and softness but it is not only the motivation of their choice.

Here are the 12 reasons men are happy to marry a nurse

Their irregular hours
Nurses have irregular schedules that allow them to work at night, intermittently, and this can be a benefit to some men. They sometimes need a specific time to do personal things or activities they can not do with their wives. This is difficult to achieve when both partners have the same working hours.

A nurse is smart
A nurse has a university degree and it is not for nothing that she is competent, especially since she has the intelligence of life that allows her to handle some complicated situations. Moreover, a man will never be bored with her because she will always have something interesting and exciting to tell her.

She knows how to support
She often faces difficult and complicated situations, especially when she has to support patients who are going through difficult phases of their illness. She must use tact, combining tenacity and kindness. With her man, she will be just as diplomatic and give him all the support he needs to go through his difficult moments.

She manages the priorities
Because she manages emergencies and cases of patients juggling life and death every day, she knows what she needs to prioritize at home and the difference between big and small.

She is compassionate and kind
She feels compassion for her patients because it is something that is innate and natural to her. She feels happy only when she serves others and makes their lives comfortable. It will be the same with his man she will try to fill by all means.

She is always listening
She listens to her patients throughout the day to make sure they get the necessary care they need. She has the ability to reassure and trust them to alleviate their fear of their disease. With her partner, she will have this same listening ability and an attentive ear to help and express her own thoughts.

She is here in difficult times
Through her training, she learned to bring calm and serenity to her patients in their moment of stress and anxiety. She will do the same for her partner.

She is there in case of emergency
She is used to being under pressure and facing emergency situations that will require her to make decisions. This is an important quality for a life partner, who will always be up to this kind of situation.

She keeps you always healthy
A nurse will always know what to do and provide the necessary care in an emergency. So his family will always be safe from diseases.

She still works in a team
She is used to collaborating with other members of the medical team to carry out an operation or process of care. In her marriage, she will have the same attitude and will establish the same atmosphere of mutual help among family members.

She has stable income
A nurse has a highly demanded profession that allows her to have a stable income and that can be raised according to her specialization. This can alleviate some financial problems within the couple.

She is a wonderful mother
A nurse will always be a good mother because first of all she has experienced pregnancy and childbirth through her patients but also she has acquired the skills to take care of children and take care of them. providing all the necessary care to ensure their safety.