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7 Signs That A Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

7 Signs That A Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Throughout life, our guardian angels accompany us and help us in both good and bad times. Their presence is often felt at different levels. Indeed, these spiritual beings are always at our bedside even if we do not see them.

The guardian angels guide us daily. Their help is not felt in the same way as humans, but they always find a way to contact us through various channels of communication. Sometimes they appear in our dreams, and then in other cases, they contact us directly creating what we consider an instinct.

Bernard Weber, We the gods
In his book We the Gods, Bernard Weber writes a fiction based on the very idea of ​​guardian angels and their presence in our lives. In this spiritual novel, the guardian angels evolve in a celestial sphere and their mission is to guide each one in their turn a group of humans. The means at their disposal are dreams, premonitions, as well as the fortuitous chances to make the human race survive, to raise their consciousness and make them want to move forward.

Weber bases his book on a belief already well established in our brains, and that is that we all have a guardian angel who holds our hand. Indeed, these yet invisible beings always find a way to let us know their love and their presence. Here are some signs that you can pay attention to in times of doubt, or just to remind you that angels are with you.

Finding feathers on his way is symbolically associated with an angelic presence. If you see them, smile and know that your guardian angel is near you.

The clouds
Did you know that clouds often reveal guardian angels? Pay attention, you may be able to observe distinct shapes when you raise your head to heaven. These forms are manifested to show you that you are not alone and that you have to fight to move forward.

The smells
Sometimes you will feel an incredibly pleasant odor without knowing where it comes from. Know that when this happens, your guardian angel is surely nearby and he wants to let you know.

Babies and animals
Babies and animals are the most likely to notice the presence of an angel. If you see a baby smiling for no apparent reason or raise your arms to heaven in all directions, know that he has probably seen an angel and it is to him that his smile is intended. In addition, the animals seem to be much quieter when angels are in the room.

The music
Like smells, if you hear a very sweet music with angelic connotations and you can not determine where it comes from, it means that your guardian angel is not far away.

Sometimes you come across coins at the bottom of your bag or in the pockets of your pants. Know that these coincidences are not harmless. They symbolize the support and love that your guardian angel brings you.

Sparks of light
If you notice flashes of light or unexplained flashes, it means that your guardian angel is near. If you are faced with this experience, close your eyes, relax and breathe deeply. This moment will give you a feeling of comfort and calm.

Throughout our lives, we are confronted with difficult situations through which the feeling of hopelessness can appear stronger than anything. When you feel exhausted, raise your head and pay attention to these small signs that show you that you are loved and supported on a daily basis. You will see that your spiritual well-being will be changed for the better!
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