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8 Things That Happen In Your Body When You Drink Water In The Morning

8 Things That Happen In Your Body When You Drink Water In The Morning

Have you ever wondered why the silhouettes of Japanese women were so thin and tonic? Genetics obviously plays an important role and unfortunately we can not face the injustice of nature. Nevertheless, certain habits can help us improve our health and consequently our external appearance. Thus, we will unveil one of the most deeply rooted secrets in Japanese culture. The ritual of drinking water on an empty stomach. Explanations.

Our body is composed of 60% water, but this quantity is constantly used to allow an optimal efficiency of all the bodily functions. Thus, we lose water during breathing, digestion, sweating and elimination of waste and toxins via urine and stool. It is therefore important to keep yourself hydrated by regularly drinking water. Experts recommend drinking an average of 2L of water a day, but the exact amount we need actually depends on many factors, such as the climate in which we live, physical activity or health conditions.

How to make a water cure?
According to our confreres site indiatimes, this Japanese ritual can treat many bodily disorders. Thus, you should drink about 160 ml of water fasting just after waking up and eat nothing for 45 minutes. Also, drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating but do not drink during the meal or for the next hour.

8 advantages of drinking fasting water

To rid your body of toxins
When you drink enough water, it helps digestion. Indeed, water acts as a natural lubricant that allows the rapid evacuation of the intestines. In addition, our renal system depends entirely on water to filter and dispose of the waste present in our body. Thus, by giving your body this elixir upon waking, you prepare it to effectively eliminate all the toxins it will absorb throughout the day.

For a faster metabolism
Drinking water promotes thermogenesis and therefore a better energy expenditure at rest which is extremely important for people who follow a diet. In addition, faster metabolism means better digestion, because again, it purifies your colon and allows better absorption of food.

To promote weight loss
Several studies have stated that drinking water burns calories faster and reduces the feeling of hunger. Drinking water before each meal will help you feel fuller faster and prevent you from overeating.

To relieve heartburn
Heartburn is caused by significant acidity in the stomach. Several studies have shown that a glass of water immediately increases the gastric pH. Thus, by drinking fasting water the stomach acids are immediately diluted which will prepare your stomach to function properly to digest your daily meals.

For a radiant health skin
The dryness of the skin causes premature wrinkles and aging. Thus, by drinking water in the morning, every cell in your body will swell and hydrate, which will allow you to enjoy healthy skin and radiant health.

For shiny and healthy hair
Water represents almost a quarter of the weight of a hair. Thus, when you are dehydrated, your hair loses its water content, which makes it dry, brittle and fragile. Thus, by drinking water at waking and throughout the day in sufficient quantities, you improve the appearance of your hair.

For healthy kidneys
Drinking water right after waking up can protect you against the formation of kidney stones. In fact, by properly hydrating your kidneys, you prevent the waste from accumulating thereby causing stones. In addition, by drinking enough water you also protect against several types of bladder infections.

To strengthen your immune system
When you drink water on an empty stomach, you clean and balance your lymphatic system, which increases your level of immunity. A stronger immune system will keep you from getting sick by protecting you from many viruses and bacteria.
Drink Water In The Morning