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12 Things To Do If Your Partner Is Suffering From Anxiety

12 Things To Do If Your Partner Is Suffering From Anxiety

We can all suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives, to different degrees. Occasional anxiety is therefore part of the process of life, but when it is persistent, lasting and uncontrollable, the person suffers from anxiety disorders.
Anxiety disorder is characterized by extreme fear and anxiety. This can be manifested by panic attacks, agoraphobia, selective mutism or other specific phobias interfering with everyday life.

This kind of disorder can be particularly disabling for people who suffer from it but also for those who accompany them in life. So, if a loved one or your partner is suffering from anxiety, here are some tips to follow in order to help him through this difficult time.

How to react if the person you love is suffering from anxiety:

1) Take into account him/her good sides
No one appreciates being judged on his faults. So, if the person you are living with is suffering from anxiety, do not forget to reassure her and remind her of everything you love about her. When she makes an effort, is doing you a service or is caring, take the time to notice.

2) Do not put pressure on him/her
It is important that you realize that an anxious person is constantly on the alert, that intense feeling of fear ends up exhausting him. As a result, she is often quickly tired and what may seem like a simple task to do is actually a burden to her. To assimilate this fact and encourage it to do things at its own pace is important to help it in the healing process.

3) Leave him/her some space
When a person we love is suffering, we have this visceral need to protect it, at the risk of suffocating it. If you propose to go out to change her mind, do not be disappointed that she does not share your enthusiasm because the very idea of ​​getting out of her comfort zone can put her in a state of panic. Let her choose freely to accompany you.

4) Show that you understand him/her
Sometimes, the most important thing is to show that you understand, and to admit that the situation of the other is difficult. Do some extensive research on the subject to better understand this disorder.

5) Be attentive
People with emotional problems sometimes need nothing more than an attentive ear to confide in their feelings of unease. So, to help your soulmate (or loved one) listen to her, understand her and feel her pain without judging her.

6) Do not ask him / her if he / she is fine when you know that this is not the case
When you live with someone on a daily basis, you learn to detect the signs that reveal your ill-being and it is therefore useless to ask for confirmation. Encourage him to get up without encroaching on his space.

7) Do not give up
It is normal that helplessness in such a situation will exhaust you and make you lose patience. Nevertheless, it is important that you stick to it and that you stay with that person in bad times.

8) Do not ask him to let go
If this anxious person could let go, they would be the first to do it and relieve themselves of the burden of anxiety. But, her brain is constantly activated to associate all her traumatic experiences with the situation in which she finds herself.

9) Acknowledge his efforts
Even when you feel like you're not doing it, tell yourself that people with emotional problems are the first to suffer the consequences. So when you see that your partner is doing his best to get by, it's important that you recognize him.

10) Know that he / she does not ignore you voluntarily
People suffering from anxiety are often in internal monologue. If you talk to him and you have the impression that he / she does not listen to you, do not hold it against him.

11) See things from another angle
Anxiety is not easy on a daily basis, but finally, when you get out of it, it makes you a better person, stronger and more courageous. Tell yourself it's a crisis that will strengthen your relationship in the end.

12) Love him /her even more
It is a difficult situation, as much for you as for your partner. It's time to show him how much you love him, support him, hold his hand and help him through this storm.
Suffering From Anxiety