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The True Cause Of Pain - How The Spine Is Connected To All Organs

The True Cause Of Pain - How The Spine Is Connected To All Organs

Most of you spend your working days sitting in front of a computer, it not only affects your posture but can also cause severe back pain or even a problem that you can not cure or explain. In fact, if you happen to have pain somewhere without understanding why, it's because this pain is probably caused by your back.

Since the spine is directly linked to our internal organs, you may try different treatments to cure a stomach or headache, for example, it will never end. The pain is actually caused by your spine, it is towards your back that you should turn.

The spine, an axis connected to many organs
The picture below shows you in detail how the spine is linked to many internal organs:

G. K Cherleston said, "It's easier to see the North Pole than to see your own backbone." Yet, even if you do not see it, this central and essential axis of your body should not be neglected. On the contrary, you should pay particular attention to it.

The spine is actually a group of 33 vertebrae aligned in the center of your back, these small bones provide protection and support for the spinal cord. In addition, it allows you to bend, move or move your upper body in all directions.

All your organs and all parts of your body are constantly controlled and coordinated by your central nervous system, which is composed of two main organs: the brain and the spine. Thus, your brain constantly receives and sends information to your organs via your backbone. Therefore, when you feel pain, it may be directly related to your spine.

Osteopaths say that 70% of headaches come from the spine but that's not all. Vision problems, numbness, ringing ears, digestive system disorders, breathing problems, leg sensitivity etc. All these ailments can be the result of dysfunction of the intervertebral disc. It goes without saying that your general health is mainly affected by the health of your back.

How to take care of your spine?

To take care of your spine and improve the state of your overall health here are some tips you should apply:

Practice a regular sporting activity
You do not have to be a great athlete to exercise regularly. Choose a sport that you like and make it a way of life. Yoga, stretching, muscle building etc. Do it at home and at the right time, it will help keep your bones, muscles and ligaments healthy.

Do some meditation
Several studies have confirmed that meditation is an effective way to fight back pain. It will take you just 15 minutes of your time. Place yourself in a dark and quiet room and try to concentrate thinking about a place or a pleasant and relaxing situation.

Improve your posture
When standing, stand upright, being careful not to lean forwards or backwards. Some specific exercises can also help you improve your posture.

Adjust your pillow to your sleeping position
Your pillow needs to fit the natural curve of your neck. So, get a pillow so that it is compatible with the size and width of your shoulders. For example, if you are small, you will need a thinner pillow than if you have broad shoulders.

Stop smoking
Smoking harms your health. In addition, the cigarette damages the vascular structures of the discs and joints of the spine, thus causing degenerative spine disorders and back pain.
The True Cause Of Pain