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The Best And The Worst Couples Of The Zodiac. Their Relationship Ended In Marriage Or Divorce

The Best And The Worst Couples Of The Zodiac. Their Relationship Ended In Marriage Or Divorce

Love is not always easy, especially when you fall in love with the wrong person. To help you make the right choice, rely on astrology. It offers guidance on who to avoid and who will be the best companions for each zodiac sign.

Thanks to astrology, it is possible to know the sign of the zodiac being the most compatible with ours, but also the one with which we would make the worst couple. Besides, here is the partner to avoid and the ideal partner for each sign:

Still attacking for a new adventure, Aries gets tired quickly. Although passionate at first, he can quite quickly want to move on. He therefore seeks someone with character and who can channel it in the long run.

The partner to avoid: Pisces, far too sensitive and in his world
The ideal partner: Sagittarius, as funny and dynamic as him

Knowing what he wants, Taurus seeks someone honest and sincere. Optimism, beauty and humor are also important for him to flourish in a relationship.

The partner to avoid: Creative and daring, Aquarius is too frivolous
The ideal partner: Libra, also in search of peace and harmony

With its dual personality, Gemini needs a person who can understand his need for freedom, while offering him stability. In addition, he is looking for someone who can surprise him on a daily basis.

The partner to avoid: Capricorn, too taciturn and homebody
The ideal partner: Aquarius, given its unique personality

Wanting a stable and strong love relationship, Cancer is looking for someone just as stable. Loyal and considerate, he wants to be reassured.

The partner to avoid: Aries is impulsive and uncomfortable
The ideal partner: Pisces, who is understanding, caring and sensitive

Adoring to be in the limelight, the Leo is a passionate lover. He needs intrigues, adventures, amorous follies and admiration.

The partner to avoid: The Virgo, much too calm and rigorous
The ideal partner: Aries, also passionate and passionate

Sensible, balanced and having a sense of duty, the Virgo needs reassurance to overcome her shyness. This sign seeks a stable and lasting relationship.

The partner to avoid: Capricorn, also reasonable and withdrawn
The ideal partner: Gemini, with whom the complicity settles quickly

Very sociable and charismatic, Libra is ravaging its passage. He needs a person who can differentiate himself and make his heart throb.

The partner to avoid: Cancer, too jealous and homebody
The ideal partner: Taurus, also in search of harmony

Wishing someone as bright and intelligent as him, the Scorpion seeks to vibrate in a romantic relationship. He advocates honesty and candor, especially in love.

The partner to avoid: Gemini, because of his lack of sincerity
The ideal partner: Capricorn, genuine, sincere and passionate

Spirited and friendly, Sagittarius loves being surrounded and going out. A harmonious family and moments between friends must be objectives shared by the other.

The partner to avoid: The Virgo, who follows the rules to the letter
The ideal partner: Libra, as optimistic and sociable

Serious and elegant, Capricorn needs someone complementary. He does not believe so much in the fact that opposites attract and see in this quote, a future disaster.

The partner to avoid: Libra, too sociable for this sign
The ideal partner: The Virgo, with whom he shares many common points

Both creative and rebellious, Aquarius seeks a relationship where trust prevails and everyone's freedom is respected.

The partner to avoid: The Virgo, too stable and monotonous
The ideal partner    : Gemini, who also loves independence

Very romantic and with a dreamy spirit, the sign of Pisces is illustrated by his need for affection. He idealizes love and seeks a person at the height of this ideal.

The partner to avoid: Gemini, unstable and too cerebral
The ideal partner: Cancer, very sensitive and tender

Best And The Worst Couples Of The Zodiac