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This Challenge Of 30 Days Allows To Have Legs And Butt Of Dream

This Challenge Of 30 Days Allows To Have Legs And Butt Of Dream

Who has not put in his New Year's resolutions, exercise? This is an excellent initiative, but if you are far from the image of the persevering sportsman, here is a slimming program that is in the headlines: The 30-day squat challenge. The promise of this program is firm butt and thin thighs while practicing exercises in front of your TV or in the garden of your home.

The 30-day squat challenge is a sports program that can be done anywhere without specific equipment. This 30-day program is in the form of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and butt. It helps to improve blood circulation, fight against cellulite, burn fat and strengthen muscles.

A program day after day
You will often see men performing squats with a very heavy bar on the neck and shoulders, but many women can take advantage without having to use a barbell or a set of dumbbells.

Of course, weighted squats will still give you much better results, but body weight squats can also be extremely beneficial in many ways.

To begin, keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, slightly spreading your toes and knees. Bend your knees to lower your body, as if you were sitting in a chair, keeping your chest straight. When your thighs are parallel to the ground, raise your heels and toes to get up. When you reach the top of the movement, tighten your butt.

The idea is to start with a series of 50 inflections on the first day and increase the number to 250 on the 30th day. The result may seem unobtrusive at first, but your body will become stronger as the days go by, and there are days of rest every four days that will give your body a chance to rest and recover. So, why not join the thousands of women who have successfully taken up this challenge and try it yourself?

Day 1 - 50 squats.
Day 2 - 55 squats.
Day 3 - 60 squats.
Day 4 - day of rest.
Day 5 - 70 squats.
Day 6 - 75 squats.
Day 7 - 80 squats.
Day 8 - day of rest.
Day 9 - 100 squats.
Day 10 - 105 squats.
Day 11 - 110 squats.
Day 12 - day of rest.
Day 13 - 130 squats.
Day 14 - 135 squats.
Day 15 - 140 squats.
Day 16 - day of rest.
Day 17 - 150 squats.
Day 18 - 155 squats.
Day 19 - 160 squats.
Day 20 - day of rest.
Day 21 - 180 squats.
Day 22 - 185 squats.
Day 23 - 190 squats.
Day 24 - day of rest.
Day 25 - 220 squats.
Day 26 - 225 squats.
Day 27 - 230 squats.
Day 28 - day of rest.
Day 29 - 240 squats.
Day 30 - 250 squats.

If you perform this exercise correctly and regularly, you will get excellent results within a month. Some people think that the 30-day squat challenge only means squatting for 30 days in a row without doing any other exercise. This is not good because you have to incorporate other exercises to make sure other parts of the body work as well.

Do not hesitate to complete this program with a healthy diet and good hydration.

Can you follow this program? Share with us your opinion in the comments!
This Challenge Of 30 Days Allows To Have Legs And Buttocks Of Dream