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Consume 3 Dates A Day To Treat Anemia, Reduce Stress, Ward Off

Consume 3 Dates A Day To Treat Anemia, Reduce Stress, Ward Off

The date is an extraordinary fruit! Not only is its taste delicious, but it brings to our body many vitamins, minerals and fibers essential for its proper functioning. Better still, it is an excellent natural sweetener and can easily replace sugar in many meals.

Dates are an ideal food for providing energy and improving brain function. They are a rich source of minerals, including iron, calcium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, all essential to maintaining good health.

According to the National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labor (ANSES), a portion (100 grams) of dates contains:

· 7.3 grams of fiber
· 696 mg of potassium
· 47.3 mg of magnesium
· 0.19 mg vitamin B6
· 44.9 mg of calcium
· 62 mg of phosphorus
· 2.7 μg vitamin K
· 149 IU vitamin A
· 0.9 mg of iron

The benefits of dates

Improve digestion and relieve constipation
Dates contain fibers that help cleanse the gastrointestinal system, allowing the colon to function more efficiently. Moreover, it regulates the transit and maintains the proper functioning of the intestinal flora.

Strengthen the health of the heart
Date has been proven to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that promote heart health, including reducing oxidative stress, that is, the aggression of cells by free radicals (unstable molecules).

Prevent diseases
Dates have high levels of magnesium, a mineral that has many anti-inflammatory benefits. These anti-inflammatory properties of magnesium help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, arthritis.

Treat anemia
Anemia is caused by a low amount of red blood cells and iron deficiency. Dates are a source of iron. Thus, it is a good remedy for fighting anemia. Consuming it regularly can help increase the amount of iron in the blood.

Maintain a healthy nervous system
According to a study, dates contain all the essential vitamins for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Its potassium content helps to improve the vigilance of the brain.

Facilitate childbirth
Dates are excellent for the mother and the fetus. In addition, their consumption during the last weeks of pregnancy can promote cervical dilation. They provide adequate nutrition to breast milk and also prevent bleeding soon after childbirth. Note that they are recommended if the pregnancy is not at risk.

Fight against skin disorders
Dates, thanks to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce redness, deeply hydrate the skin and fight against skin aging.

How to incorporate dates into your diet?

· Dates are often associated with other foods, such as almonds, walnut butter or soft cheese.

· Dates are also very sticky, making them useful as a binder in desserts, such as cookies and cakes. You can also combine dates with nuts and seeds to prepare diet bars or energy balls.

· In addition, you can use dates to soften sauces, such as salad dressings and marinades, or mix them with smoothies.

In view of its sugar content, excessive consumption of dates can affect the health of people with diabetes and / or overweight-obese. In case of doubt, ask your doctor.
Consume 3 Dates A Day To Treat Anemia, Reduce Stress, Ward Off Cancer, And Alzheimer's Disease