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A Woman Manages To Get Rid Of A Migraine With A Clothespin

A Woman Manages To Get Rid Of A Migraine With A Clothespin

Migraine is a terrible disease that can put you in bed as surely as a flu. After suffering for 12 hours in a row, a woman embarks on research and discovers an extraordinary trick to relieve pain. Following its publication on Facebook, it is quickly the subject of more than 250,000 shares. This is what our colleagues in Dailymail say.

A woman has discovered an extraordinary trick to get rid of her migraine and it already ignites the canvas. Elizabeth Hayes, owner of a gluten-free store, reportedly spent 12 hours suffering martyrdom because of a headache that no treatment could relieve. By the biggest chance, this one falls on the Aculief, an acupressure gadget recommended for migraines. Inspired by her work, Elizabeth goes to her kitchen and discovers the miracle cure.

An inconvenient but effective remedy
Following a migraine that lasted for 12 hours in a row, Elizabeth Hayes is at the end of patience and tolerance to pain. She goes on the internet and discovers a natural painkiller, Aculief, which promotes acupressure to eliminate headaches and relieve migraines. This one focuses in particular on the point of pressure L.I4 of the hand, it is located between the thumb and the index finger.

Unable to wait for the receipt of her parcel, this woman goes to her kitchen and discovers an incredible alternative: the clothespin. Positioning her in the same way as the Aculief, Elizabeth Hayes frees herself from her migraine in just a few minutes. Shocked by the result, she published a photo of her hand on Facebook and wrote, "This kitchen tong saved my life tonight. After just one minute, I felt relief, and after 20 minutes my pain was halved! "

This publication on social media attracts the curiosity of over 250,000 people, many of whom are impatient to put the same trick into practice.

Migraine: how to recognize it?
The causes of migraine are multiple, although a little vague. As a result, nearly 6 out of 10 people would suffer without even knowing it. Our colleagues Figaro Santés'y also interest, indeed, migraine affects 17 to 20% of adults. According to Dr. Anne Donnet, neurologist and president of the French Society for the study of migraines and headaches, migraine is divided into two categories: with or without aura. With aura is usually accompanied by neurological disorders that develop gradually (vision problems, dots, shiny tasks, tingling ...), while without aura is characterized by persistent pain that can last from 4 to 72 hours if it is not not treated, digestive problems and hypersensitivity to light.

Benefits of Acupressure
As the Dailymail explains, acupressure is a very ancient practice of Chinese medicine. Based on the identification of certain pressure points, it advocates the link between the latter and the organs of the body. Indeed, the Chinese place a lot of importance on the free flow of energy that lives in us. According to one study, this would be a key element in maintaining a healthy body, hence the development of acupuncture to regulate it when it is unstable or unbalanced.

As for acupressure, this technique is similar to acupuncture, with the difference that it is practiced thanks to a pressure performed with the fingertips instead of the use of needles. Effective and accessible to all, acupressure is a method that you can apply on your own and it will only take a few minutes.

According to The Sloan Memorial Kettering Cancer Center, its effects on headaches and migraines are derived from the pressure applied on what is called the LI.4 point, or the Hegu point. Using a forceps or simply your fingers, here's how to get rid of your pain:

1. Place your forceps or your fingertips (thumb and right index finger) on point LI.4 between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand.

2. Apply pressure on this point for 5 minutes. If you do it by hand, make firm circular movements. Be careful not to press too hard.

3. Change hands and repeat the same procedure.

Tips and recommendations
In a recent article published, a number of recommendations are issued to prevent headaches and migraines. Here are a few :

· Avoid places that are too bright
· Do not skip meals
· Take breaks and breathe deeply
· Review your diet
Woman Manages To Get Rid Of A Migraine