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How To Get Rid Of Warts Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Warts Naturally

Small growths that are usually found on the hands and feet, warts, often benign but unattractive, are due to papillomavirus. Faced with countless treatments to get rid of it, evaluating the efficiency of one process against another is not an easy task. That's why we offer 8 completely natural remedies whose powerful action is guaranteed!

Although they do not always need to be treated by a doctor, unsightly and especially contagious warts can be disabling on a daily basis. For this purpose, here is a list of natural alternatives that provide effective treatment without side effects.

1. Tea tree oil
Thanks to its antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil is an effective remedy against warts. Place a drop on your wart and cover it with a bandage. The best is to let this remedy work all night (8h minimum). When you wake up, remove your bandage and clean the skin. Repeat this same action every night until the wart disappears (between 1 and 4 weeks).

2. Combustion of poplar leaves of the Euphrates
The burning of these leaves would be a very common form of alternative medicine to get rid of warts. One study has observed positive results in patients and has shown an action as effective as cryotherapy.

Before applying this remedy, thoroughly dry your leaves. In an airtight and non-combustible box, place your leaves and let them burn for a few minutes. Then cover your box so that the flame goes out. Once there is only smoke left, gently place the affected area about 15cm away from the leaves and leave for a quarter of an hour. Be very careful not to get too close to the leaves and check that the fire is completely extinguished.

3. Essential Oil of Sandalwood
In one study, sandalwood essential oil has been reported to have eliminated the warts in 80% of patients and a significant decrease in the remaining 20%. According to the researchers, it has no side effects and is therefore an effective natural treatment. To benefit from it, apply it twice a day on the parts of the body affected and let act. Continue this treatment until complete removal of the warts.

4. Apple cider vinegar
The acid composition of apple cider vinegar would be effective in destroying the papillomavirus, as Dr. Mercola, a proponent of alternative medicine, explains. To benefit from its benefits, dip a piece of cotton in vinegar. Squeeze out the excess and place it on your wart by covering it with a bandage. Repeat this procedure each day until the wart disappears.

5. Bananas
According to an article published by The Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, banana peel is a natural alternative to pharmacy treatments, especially when it comes to plantar warts. Through a study, scientists would have noticed that by covering the affected area once a day with the skin of this fruit (when it is well ripe), the wart narrowed considerably after only two weeks of treatment. Safe, this remedy can be used daily until satisfactory results are achieved.

6. Adhesive tape
This remedy may seem strange, yet it is a very common natural trick to remove warts! According to NCH Healthcare System, the wart must be covered with tape for 6 days. Once this period has passed, soak the affected area in water and rub it gently with a pumice stone. Leave the wart in the open for 12 hours and repeat.

7. Milkweed
Used by Native Americans for centuries to treat many infections, milkweed is a plant with powerful medicinal properties whose sap would be very effective at treating warts. Before using, lightly wipe your wart lightly with a pumice stone to remove the outer surface. Take a few leaves of this plant and press the tips of their stems to remove the sap. Cover your wart with the liquid obtained by protecting it with a bandage. Repeat this once a day.

8. Garlic
According to a study published by The International Journal of Dermatology, the topical application of garlic extract on warts would have completely removed the problem in patients after one to two weeks. To use this remedy, simply chop your garlic cloves and apply the resulting paste to the affected area once a day.

Warnings :
Do not expose yourself to the sun after applying cider vinegar because it contains photosensitive elements. For any type of treatment, be sure to consult a doctor first to determine if your growths are warts or any other type of skin lesion.

How To Get Rid Of Warts Naturally