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This Husband Wants To Divorce Because His Wife Has Become Pregnant With Their Second Baby

This Husband Wants To Divorce Because His Wife Has Become Pregnant With Their Second Baby

Family planning is easy if both partners want exactly the same thing. But what happens when it is not? What if one partner wants to have another child but not the other? How is this conflict and the resulting resentment resolved? Apparently it can even lead to divorce as is the case of this man who wants to divorce his wife who has become pregnant with a second child, reports our colleagues Dailymail.

Deciding if a couple wants to have another child can become a real struggle. So how do you know if you're ready for another baby? Start by asking yourself some questions before deciding if you want to have another baby.

What does my spouse feel about having another child?
Your marriage may be tense if your spouse is not on the same wavelength as you. Instead of trying to make a decision to please your spouse, you need to know more about the situation and give yourself some time.

You also have to talk about why you do not want another child. See if you can find a compromise, such as a repeat of the conversation in a few months or a date in a year or two, when you start trying to conceive. The more honest you are, the more you communicate, the easier your decision will be.

In cases where both spouses disagree and one of them ventures to make a decision alone, having another child may result in a break-up or divorce, as in the following case.

Divorce because of the birth of a second child
A father was lynched on the Internet after admitting he had never wanted to have a second child. In a feed of the Reddit website, which is a social sharing community site, the anonymous father expressed how much he wanted his wife for her new pregnancy.

He also added that things had gone wrong since the birth of their first baby and he was now considering the divorce because he considered that the situation was entirely the fault of his wife. However, the majority of Internet users did not appreciate his reaction, saying he is just as responsible for the second baby as his wife.

Parenting is certainly not for everyone, as the father explains in his message, he knew he hated being a father after the birth of his first child. Once he knew he was not ready for the task, he asked his wife to never get pregnant again. The man also claimed that he wanted his wife to have an abortion, but after the latter refused to do so, he said he still resents her, even after 2 years of the birth of their second child.

At the end of his message the man asked, "Am I bad for wanting to divorce my wife for the birth of our second child? "

Most people seemed to agree that this man was terrible to blame his wife for a baby they conceived together.

A netizen told him that if he did not want to have more children, it is up to him to take precautions. He also said that abortion is never an easy choice and it is not fair to ask his wife.

Another user commented that this father should simply agree to have two children and move on, because the second child is now two years old, and it is inconceivable to tell him that it was a mistake.

But most agreed that the father should be responsible for his own actions and choices, and that he should no longer blame others for his own actions.

Other users had another opinion
However, some people pointed out that the question was whether or not he had the right to divorce, and not whether he is a bad person for not wanting another child. A user then said that no longer loving a person does not make you a bad person, because it can happen for any other reason.

While another surfer wrote that his wife was to blame because she ignored the wishes of her husband who were however clear.

A third person said that having a second child was the woman's choice, so the husband also has the choice to divorce.

In the end, we may never know what the father will do in this delicate situation, but we hope that he will at least have a conversation with his wife and that he will try to find a solution before taking radical measures.

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Husband Wants To Divorce Because His Wife Has Become Pregnant