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Mom Says Parents Should Not Change Their Child's Diapers Without Their Consent

Mom Says Parents Should Not Change Their Child's Diapers Without Their Consent

There are sometimes recommendations that leave us perplexed like the one made by this mother and relayed by our colleagues in the Mirror. This mom says that parents should not change their child's diapers without their consent. This suggestion seems strange when babies can not express their agreement or disagreement but we can try to see further. By warning his offspring of our actions from birth, we can learn the concept of consent more quickly.

According to the American Pregnancy Association it is recommended to change the diapers of a baby every two to three hours. This rule is followed by the majority of parents in the world because it makes sense.

But for this mom, consent is a fundamental notion to the point that she wants the baby's consent before putting or changing her diaper. It goes a bit far, does not it?

Some parents make provisions a bit far-fetched. But the least we can say is that this mom has some ideas a bit surprising, ideas she is not the only one to have since Deanne Carson, a specialist in relationship education has too.

This mom responds to Lottie Daley's name and she tells viewers that she always warns her baby before changing her diaper. "This Morning", a talk show that spoke on the subject of the child's consent that day, was the scene of somewhat exuberant comments. Lottie Daley says:

"When you start learning things about the body's autonomy and the children's consent and their learning when they are a bit taller, you think that we should be adopting this behavior from birth, into telling baby, for example, that you are changing your diaper »A way to instill the concept of consent in the first days of baby. However, he is not sure that he remembers the lessons given by a good intention by this very cautious mother.

Always ask permission before touching
The approach is rather healthy because the consent of the children is a fundamental learning but the mother has undoubtedly gone too far. However, Lottie Daley nuance. For her, it is not a question of waiting for the child to say yes or no, moreover he can not do it since he is still a baby. But it's a way of telling him that his body belongs to him and that others should always ask permission before touching him. So you have to be interactive with the child and always explain to him what you intend to do as a mark of respect.

Lottie Daley is a mother of three, and she revealed that she always sought the advice of her older children before washing or tickling them. Precautions rather unusual but which can open new avenues for the consent of the child. It's about respecting the privacy of your children and teaching them how to preserve their bodies. She tells :

"When I wash my daughters who are a little older, they are five and seven years old, when I have to wash their buttocks I tell them," Can Mom wash your buttocks? Because you know sometimes I have to do it! They answer with "yes" or "no" and in the latter case they must do it themselves. For his daughters the lesson seems to be assimilated to their remarks. They said that they agreed that their mom would tickle and touch them but would be afraid if he was a stranger. Lottie Daley's initiatives have not been unsuccessful. And you what do you think ?
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