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6 Reasons Why Babies Born In March Are The Best

6 Reasons Why Babies Born In March Are The Best

The spring season is that of renewal and the month of March that follows, predicts days sunnier and less greyish. And the children born this month resemble the buds of flowers that make their appearance in the sweetness of this season and enjoy a temperament as sweet as fiery. They are just special, and here's why.

1. They evolve quickly in their career
Children born during the month of March are more likely to enter a real professional career as an adult. Research on Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) revealed that a good number of CEOs were born outside of June and July and in particular in March. This predicts more success, given the impact of birth on the right time for back to school and the age difference between students.

2. They are less likely to suffer from myopia
Children born in summer are more likely to be myopic, unlike those born in the fall, winter or spring. And according to a study of 300,000 young adults by Tel Aviv University, it was revealed that children born in summer were 24% more likely to develop myopia, compared to those born in winter or spring. Thus, a child born in March will have a better long-term vision.

3. They are optimistic
Children born in March but also in April and May are generally optimistic. This was explained by the fact that the baby while still in the womb, had benefited during the first months of pregnancy, summer sun is a source of vitamin D and therefore joy and in a good mood. In addition, in an article published in the Huffpost, children born in spring and summer have a hyperthymic temperament that refers to a positive personality.

4. They are less likely to develop asthma
According to a study relayed by Vanderbilt, based on an analysis of the medical records of more than 95,000 children and their mothers, it was concluded that babies born four months before the cold and flu season have a 30-year risk. % to contract asthma compared to those born in the other months of the year. Also, births in December and August are the most concerned compared to those born in spring. As a result, a baby born in March will be less likely to suffer from asthma.

5. They tend to be night watchmen
According to a study done on the season of birth and sleep, it was concluded that children born in spring and summer tended to look after the night more than those born in autumn and winter. It is therefore likely that your baby born in March makes you see all the colors or rather sleepless nights.

6. They will be of the sign of Pisces or Aries
The two astrological signs likely to be born in March are Pisces and Aries. These are two signs that are certainly different but determined. One is governed by the element Water and the other by Fire. Those who were born from March 1 to March 20 are native to the sign Pisces, who are optimistic, dreamy and compassionate, while those born after March 20 are a sign of Aries and remain passionate, fiery and go-getters.

Pisces is empathetic and can feel the emotions of others. He is also sensitive and may feel quickly rejected or hurt, even though he may have a double personality and become a chameleon, depending on the situation in which he finds himself.

Aries, meanwhile, is reckless, never gives up and remains dynamic but patience is not his strong point. However, he is sociable, friendly and enthusiastic. Driven by passion, he remains intense in his relationships and in all that he undertakes.
6 Reasons Why Babies Born In March Are The Best