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14 Reasons That Make Scorpio The Best Sign Of The Zodiac

14 Reasons That Make Scorpio The Best Sign Of The Zodiac

Scorpio is definitely the best sign of the zodiac. Born from October 23 to November 22, it is a sign of water with a strong character. Brimming with charisma, he draws people around him like a magnet. Intelligent with a greater sense of initiative, he will be able to create and federate the troops. Here are 14 qualities of the Scorpion that puts it above the lot.

Scorpio can not lie
They are distinguished by their honesty. That is to say, a Scorpion will not lie to you even to spare you. He has the truth for value and the place above all. Count on him when you question yourself, it will be the privileged interlocutor.

A great sense of humor
Scorpio always has the joke that hits the mark. With a great sense of humor, he makes a mockery of himself. He knows how to laugh at everything, especially himself. It is often the teaser of his entourage, always on the lookout for a funny anecdote to tell.

Selective in their friendships
If you are part of the circle of a Scorpion, you should consider yourself lucky. Scorpions are very demanding people about their friendships and they are not at all the type to indulge in worldliness. They can take years to make a friendly circle because they are very cautious.

Opinions clear
Scorpions do not do in half measure. They have strong opinions and do not come back on it. They are rebels who will not want to comply with the norm. Beware of those who want to impose a way of thinking!

They are free
They like to live as they want. True lovers of freedom, they do not compare themselves to others and like to live according to their desires. Scorpions have atypical lifestyles and can get cut off from the world to live an ideal sometimes utopian.

A shell
Scorpions do not like to show their emotions. Over time, they will build a carapace and distance themselves from others when they are submerged. In their indifferent airs, they are the most sensitive.

The sense of listening
This sign is gifted to listen to and solve the problems of those around him. He is not focused on himself and will try to give wise advice. Scorpio will seek to find by analyzing your words what is the problem and what solution to bring.

Taste of learning
Scorpions are naturally curious. They will be happy to learn something new or to learn a language. Their thirst for knowledge will push them to many intellectual and relational stimulations. This attraction to novelty can cause them to completely lose interest in one subject for another fad.

They hate routine and monotony. When they feel trapped on the same train, they will do their best to find a new activity or a way to have fun. They prefer to be actors in their lives rather than just spectators. Do not expect to get an idea of ​​a Scorpion, it will always surprise you.

As said before, the Scorpions do not care about the eyes of others. That's why they bring a breath of fresh air to those around them because they always cultivate their individuality. This will be seen in their way of dressing or talking that will be uncommon.

These are people who see the glass half full. They will always find the potential of everyone instead of focusing on the flaws. Thanks to this quality, they will be able to guide people in all aspects of their lives.

Very ambitious
Scorpions are very ambitious and often have big plans. Very organized and with a great sense of anticipation, they have leaders temperaments. The pursuit of their dreams is one of their priorities and they will want to be surrounded by people as ambitious as they are.

They are caring and empathic people. For them, the good of others outweighs their personal interests. That's why they choose human work where they can help others. They will also be looking for the well-being of their partner and will make a lot of effort to make him happy.

Scorpions are affectionate and cuddly. Very tactile, they like to prove their love with signs of tenderness. Under their cold appearance, they are tender people who like to curl up in the arms of their partner.
14 Reasons That Make Scorpio The Best Sign Of The Zodiac