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11 Signs That You Have A Real Friend For Whom You Really Rely On

11 Signs That You Have A Real Friend For Whom You Really Rely On

Friendship is important to everyone because we need to connect with each other to feel loved and appreciated. Friends comfort us, support us and make our life enjoyable and interesting. Whether they are near or far from us, without them life is more boring and less fulfilling.

Some people like to have a wider circle of friends while others prefer a small group of friends but ultimately everyone finds it, as long as this friendship brings them joy and happiness.

And although there are a lot of friends around you, it is clear that these friendships are not always sincere or at least do not bring you the fulfillment you need in your life.

Here are 11 signs that you share a real friendship

You enjoy yourself despite your differences
It is important that you appreciate the personality of your friends and especially their difference that completes you. Their vision of life, when it is different from yours, brings you enrichment and complementarity at the same time.

You trust each other
Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship and as part of friendship it is just as important. Because you can advance with one person and even grow old together with confidence, provided that he respects you and does not harm you or harm you. Likewise it is important that as part of this friendship, this person keeps your secrets most intimate.

You talk together without taboo
With a real friend, the discussion remains fluid, simple and without taboo. You discuss everything uncomplicated, especially since it gives you the time you need to tell your problems or your troubles and sometimes even crying or screaming. What will become of you without this devoted friend?

Even in silence you understand yourself
Silence is not an embarrassment between two friends, it can even reflect a real complicity between them. Because within a true friendship, develop moments of fun, intense discussions but also moments of silence that are just as significant.

You support each other in your goals
In a true friendship you respect each other and his vision of life. Just as you respect his goals as he respects yours. You understand his expectations and purpose and you encourage him in his efforts to reach it. He does the same for you.

Time and space can not hurt your friendship
No matter how far apart friends are, when their friendship is healthy and sincere, it transcends all the obstacles that can separate true friends.

Even after a long absence, you see yourself with pleasure
Even if your paths have separated and everyone has evolved differently, it's always a pleasure to see you again. True friendship will always keep the same intonation and the change in your life will not affect you.

You will always be frank with each other
An old adage says, "True friends will tell you the truth, even if it hurts you and you do not want to hear it." Also, a true friend should not exist in your life only to appease or console you, but also to be frank and direct with you. You are sure that you will always get an honest opinion from him even if it hurts you.

You respect your points of view
Even by being frank to each other, you respect your mutual views. And even if your friend knows how to be direct with you, he admits nevertheless that your decision is yours and that it will support you whatever the stakes.

You are there for each other
You know that in case of need and hardships of life, your friends will be there to support you, to help you by giving you advice to find a solution or simply financial help. And you will also be there for them in case of difficulties.

You share moments of laughter and jokes together
What's more enjoyable than sharing moments of laughter with your favorite friends. Moments of sharing and fun that will bring you joy and good mood. You leave yourself together in a moment of well-being, forgetting, even for a lapse of time, your worries and your concerns.
11 Signs That You Have A Real Friend For Whom You Really Count