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8 Things Men Are Looking For In A Woman

8 Things Men Are Looking For In A Woman

Whether it's a good scent or thick hair, there are many things that can upset a man. Certain elements of the female physique attract her unconsciously and can thus be major assets of seduction. These are the eight things a man seeks unconsciously and makes us irresistible to him without even realizing it.

There are many assets that can make a man crazy about you. Several studies have identified physical elements that unconsciously attract the male. Among them, the hair, the mouth or the smell. What is the prototype of the perfect woman for men? If you read these lines, you will have a clear idea.

1- The hips
Even if men are not all sensitive to curves, they would be unconsciously attracted by beautiful hips. According to this study, the majority of men love when women have marked hips. This is due to their reproductive instinct because this morphology is associated with fertility and youth. Strong hips do not mean high fertility, but this conception has remained rooted in our animal instinct.

2- Symmetry
Symmetry is a sign of good genes. When a man looks at a woman with symmetrical features, he is instinctively charmed. According to one study, men prefer women with symmetrical and harmonious faces. Two explanations can motivate this preference: a symmetrical woman is a guarantee of good health. Symmetry is easier to analyze by the brain, which determines a preference for it.

3- Long hair
Men are unconsciously attracted to long hair. According to this study, women with long hair are considered by men to be more attractive and healthy than their shorter-haired counterparts. Even if this attraction is not based on something rational, it is so.

4- The red color
Women are coloring their lips in red and are followers of blushers. This is scientifically proven: the male is intuitively attracted to this color when worn by women. This experience showed that a large majority of men chose among two images - a woman wearing a blue t-shirt and a woman wearing a red t-shirt - one who wore a garment in the color of love.

5- A good smell
It's not about perfume or body cream but simply about the natural smell. Have you been told about love as an olfactory phenomenon? The pheromones released by the woman act as a real fuel of desire that does not leave the man indifferent. They are different depending on the ovulation cycle.

6- Bright eyes
It is important for the man that his partner has sparkling and clear eyes. This does not necessarily imply color, but the overall brilliance of the eyes has a significant role in seduction. Tired eyes, surrounded and half-closed are not to their advantage to please.

7- Luscious lips
The luscious lips are attractive to men. A study from the University of Manchester, reported in this Daily Mail article, states that men spent more time looking at women's lips (7 seconds) than eyes or hair. Luscious, red lips should make their effect.

8- A high voice
According to the Smithsonian Magazine, men would prefer high-pitched voices to deep voices. A reassuring tone of voice is important to seduce the male.
8 Things Men Are Looking For In A Woman