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Treat Sinusitis In Minutes With Food From Your Kitchen

Treat Sinusitis In Minutes With Food From Your Kitchen

Ceaseless cough, loss of smell, migraines, you will understand, sinusitis is the order of the day. This inflammation of the sinus mucosa is a recurring phenomenon for many of us, and treated in the wrong way, it causes boring constraints on a daily basis. In the face of drugs that often act only temporarily, natural ingredients are the perfect alternative to get rid of them.

Some chronic and recurring ailments can easily turn your day into a nightmare. Little or no reagents to drug treatments, they are essential in your life and make you see all the colors. One of the most common cases around the world is sinusitis, an infection that causes many troublesome conditions such as headaches or stuffy nose. Here is a recipe that will relieve you from disturbing symptoms and offer you a natural and effective alternative.

Do not worry, no need to go very far, everything starts in your kitchen!

Sinusitis: types and symptoms
Sinusitis, which is one of the consequences of rhinitis, is an inflammation that comes in many ways. According to the World Health Organization, these two disorders are related because by blocking the nose, allergic rhinitis leads to obstruction in the sinuses. However, sinusitis can be caused by many other factors, including viral infections, smoking, type 2 diabetes, and certain sports activities (swimming, climbing, diving).

Here are the different types:

· Acute sinusitis: occurs suddenly and lasts less than 4 weeks

· Subacute sinusitis: continuation of acute sinusitis but may last up to 12 weeks

· Recurrent acute sinusitis: 4 episodes or more of acute sinusitis, with a minimum duration of 7 days per episode over a total period of one year

· Chronic Sinusitis: Symptoms last 12 weeks or more

Depending on the severity of this disorder, some symptoms may be triggered, as The Biomedical Journal explains:

· Nasal obstruction
· The loss of smell
· Pain or pressure on the face
· Fever and discomfort
· Dental pain
· Nasal discharge (rhinorrhea)

Faced with these many symptoms, nothing better than a natural remedy to get you in shape and chase sinusitis. Here's what you will need:


· ½ cup of filtered water
· ¼ cup unfiltered apple cider vinegar
· 1 tablespoon of organic honey
· 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
· 1 lemon juice

Preparation tips
To begin, boil some water and pour it into a large cup. Add the apple cider vinegar and mix everything. Let infuse at room temperature, and after a few minutes, add the organic honey and cayenne pepper. Mix everything a second time. You can now add your squeezed lemon. Your drink is ready, you just have to stir it.

Drink this mixture a minimum of twice a day: once in the morning on an empty stomach and a second time in the evening before going to bed. Continue this treatment until the symptoms disappear.

Benefits of food
Faced with a stuffy nose and breathing problems, cayenne pepper is an important ally. As the Journal of Translational Medicine explains, some spices can be very effective in treating acute or chronic inflammation. Scientists add that among the ingredients we use for culinary purposes, cayenne pepper is one of those with high biological activity. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic and antioxidant properties, it is essential to our cooking and our remedies.

In addition, apple cider vinegar would also benefit the immune system. According to a study published by The Journal of Scientific Reports, this ingredient would be an effective solution when the body no longer responds to antibiotics as it would provide an additional source of antimicrobials.

Finally, the bactericidal activity of honey and lemon would be the ultimate remedy for respiratory tract infections. According to the scientists, it would be the combination of these two ingredients that would achieve such satisfactory results.


Lemon is not recommended for people with gastric, biliary or renal problems.
Apple cider vinegar should not be consumed at too high a dose as it may cause digestive upset and heartburn. Be careful not to exceed the amount indicated in the recipe.
Treat Sinusitis In Minutes With Food From Your Kitchen