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This Is Why You Are Afraid Of Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Why You Are Afraid Of Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Love is a feeling that can make you feel happy and make you feel like a cloud, but it can also make you live hell when you're not living with the right person. Injuries and betrayals plunge you into a lethargy on love, making you almost indifferent to any feeling that can stimulate happiness in your life. Each person has his weaknesses in relation to love and the astrological signs are no exception to the rule.

This is what scares you of love according to your zodiac sign

If you are a sign of Aries, your fear of love lies first and foremost in the fear of losing your freedom and independence. Then, your selfishness often takes over to prevent you from taking care of a third person, especially if it must encroach on your personal space and prevent you from acting freely and safely. On the other hand, you are afraid to reveal yourself and to expose yourself in front of a person who could hurt you, despite your hard and tough appearance.

Dear Taurus, your legendary stubbornness creates problems for you to open up to change and what terrifies you is getting out of your comfort zone. You barricade walls to let no one make you change your mind. And even if you seem to be an inveterate romantic, you do not engage blindly because you hope to find the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life. And the idea of ​​losing this coveted relationship makes you lose your means to the point of closing in on yourself because you do not want to suffer and that we once again enjoy the generosity of your soul.

Your fear of feeling confined to a stable love chills your heart. Just as your fear of not being in love with the same person accompanies you for the duration of your relationship. You are thirsty for changes and varieties that always take precedence over the feelings you experience. Because for you stability rhymes with boredom and loss of adventure and social life that suit you so much.

For you Cancer, love is a serious business. You are sensitive and intense and you often go headlong into your loves, but what scares you is to be hurt again as in the past and your emotional safety is shaken and broken. You are afraid of being at the mercy of a destructive love that will expose your vulnerability.

The king of love, glitter and extravagance is always afraid of disappointment. If you are a native of this sign, you must be afraid to love a person who does not make you feel the same, especially that you need to be loved and idolized. You need to keep the power over everything, something that escapes you when your partner makes a mistake.

You are aware of your imperfections and flaws and for that you can be very hard on yourself. Your demand for perfectionism makes you attract the wrong people in your life. Moreover, you are especially afraid of not loving a person more than she loves you.

You sometimes doubt yourself and are more concerned about projecting an image that is not really yours. And the unbridled realm of emotions plunges you into disarray because you have no mastery of feelings that makes you secret without revealing your entire life. You prefer to show your positive points to impress, even if deep down you are fleeing love so as not to live in the suffering that treachery engenders.

The mystery you release gives you a lot of charm and you use it especially to protect you from a love that may completely break you. You are intense in love and you do not do things in half but you do not like to lose yourself in another person.

You are afraid of love because you fear boredom and routine. You are a nomad at heart and thirsty for adventure and you are afraid of being slowed down by a relationship and mostly manipulated as you have been in the past.

For you love is an investment and it is out of the question that you fail in this area. You have a fear of feeling humiliated and weak. You prefer to always have control over every situation.

Just like Sagittarius you are afraid of losing your freedom. You need to find someone who will value your individuality. You are also afraid to be transparent and naive and to feel stupid in love as in the past.

You are afraid of attaching yourself to the wrong person and you want to avoid grief, but you can only blame your loyal and benevolent nature who loves to save the tortured souls and then harm you.
Why You Are Afraid Of Love