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This Woman Gives Birth To Triplets While Taking The Contraceptive Pill

This Woman Gives Birth To Triplets While Taking The Contraceptive Pill

This Woman Gives Birth To Triplets While Taking The Contraceptive Pill

While some women struggle to get pregnant, others manage to have triplets while taking the contraceptive pill. This is the story of this young mother, relayed by THE Sun, who demonstrates that even with a method of contraception, some women can fertilize and that there is always an exception to the rule.

Hannah Donaghue was not prepared to get pregnant a third time when she already had 2 children. Especially since it always happened while she was taking the contraceptive pill.

The adventures of the young woman
The first time Hannah became pregnant, she was 18 when she was taking the pill. She gave birth to a little girl, even though she was not totally ready to start a family. She was forced to take more contraception, but two months later she was surprised to get pregnant. She did not understand what was happening to her when she changed her pill. But encouraged by her mother, she still kept the baby to give birth to another little girl, now 8 years old. After that, she decided to exchange the contraceptive implant pill, but the latter had caused her health problems eight years later, which led her to turn to the pill again.

But Hannah separated from the father of her two daughters and she was not particularly keen to rebuild her life, until she met Ben at a party, with whom she spent a passionate night rich in lovemaking. . But she was not surprised when she found out two weeks later, after having had her period, that she was pregnant again. She was taking the contraceptive pill. And as if her third pregnancy was not enough, she was pregnant with three babies after being examined by ultrasound. And each baby was designed from a different egg that had its own placenta and amniotic fluid.

Today, she is left with three babies she had by caesarean section and her two other daughters.

His friend stayed by his side to accompany him and welcome the triplets together to form a large family. The couple has plans to expand their home and purchase a larger car to have more space and comfort for a family of seven.

Maybe some women who can not be fertile like Hannah would like to have her miracle pill that has had the opposite effect of preventing ovulation!

Can we get pregnant while taking the contraceptive pill?
As it happens, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), although the contraceptive pill is 99.7% effective, its use must be perfect, since it is not foolproof and can however fail in some cases. And some women inadvertently miss a dose or forget to start a new pill box for an unexpected pregnancy.

Causes that increase the risk of pregnancy
According to Medical News Today, there are situations that can lead to pregnancy:

The contraceptive pill must be taken every day and at the same time because otherwise, the risk of pregnancy increases. Indeed, it is enough to forget a catch so that the level of hormones weakens which can cause an ovulation. To overcome this inconvenience, it is possible to schedule a reminder on the smartphone for example.

Alcohol can also induce forgetfulness of taking a contraceptive pill

The combination of certain drugs with the pill may reduce the effectiveness of the pill, such as certain antibiotics or antifungals such as rifampicin or griseofulvin. Medications for epilepsy or antivirals for HIV can also help. It is advisable to talk to your doctor before taking any other medicine.

If vomiting occurs just after taking the contraceptive pill, there is a risk that it will not be absorbed completely by the body. In this case, it is advisable to use additional contraceptive means such as condoms until the end of the pack.