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13 Awesome Uses Of Lemon That People Do Not Know

13 Awesome Uses Of Lemon That People Do Not Know

At the origin of many benefits for the body, the lemon is a real partner health. Booster of the body, toning and purifying, this citrus fruit protects many functions essential to your body. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it!

Consumed in juice, it is an effective natural remedy for many ailments. But, did you know that this food could also help you in your home?

If lemon is known for its many health benefits, many of us ignore that it could be the basic ingredient of many household tips. Overview of the benefits of yellow citrus and grandmother's secrets for your health and your home.

1- Treatment of acne
If you want to fight against skin imperfections, lemon is a remedy. The acids present in this food help fight against the appearance of acne. The bleaching power of the citrus also helps to fade the scars left by the buttons. On cleansed skin, apply a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with aloe vera gel (mainly on the T zone). Let stand 10 minutes then rinse immediately.

2- Fight against acidity
If you suffer from a high level of acidity in the body, consume lemon. Its alkalinity makes it possible to regulate the pH within the body. Make it a habit to consume lukewarm lukewarm water every morning. It is also important to incorporate other alkaline foods into your diet.

3- Detoxify the body
We are constantly exposed to toxins and free radicals. With its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, lemon helps cleanse your body on a daily basis. In juice or diluted with water, it is the ideal detox drink for the day.

4- Fight against respiratory problems
Did you know that citrus was an ideal natural remedy for respiratory problems thanks to its vitamin C content? According to this study, people who consume large amounts of vitamin C are more protected from asthma attacks.

5- Clean the pesticides
Before eating a food, it is essential to rinse it with pesticides or insecticides. Lemon can help you get rid of these unwanted products. Rinse your fruits and vegetables with lemon water to which you can add baking soda for more effective action.

6- Fight against infections
This citrus fruit is a powerful antibacterial agent and can stop the proliferation of viruses. According to this study, citrus fruits, including lemon, contain antioxidants (flavonoids, phenols ...) that promote antimicrobial activity.

7- For dental and oral hygiene
Thanks to its antibacterial power, lemon can fight against pathogens responsible for scale. Citrus, especially in the form of oil for use in mouthwashes, also protects the gums against gingivitis infections. Lemon maintains a healthy email and strengthens oral health.

8- A natural insecticide
Insecticides marketed in traditional businesses may contain chemicals. Lemon is a natural alternative to keep mosquitoes away from your homes. For this, spray some juice pressure in problem areas. You can also keep some slices of lemon if your room tends to be invaded by insects. Lemon eucalyptus is also particularly effective against this domestic problem.

9- Lighten your hair naturally
If you have a rather light shade of hair, the lemon can reveal pretty reflections. Known for its whitening potential, citrus juices your hair naturally. Apply diluted juice in your conditioner to lighten your natural color.

10- Make your nails shine
If your nails are dull, you could use a few drops of lemon! For a brilliant shine of your nails, put it in your rinse water during your manicure and leave about 15 minutes.

11- Clean your cutting board
No need to use a dishwasher or liquid soap to clean your cutting board after use. Lemon water could also do the trick. This will clean it but it will also have a deodorizing effect on your kitchen tool. For this, use a lemon peel that you have previously soaked in salt. A healthy and natural alternative to clean your equipment.

12- Clean your brushes
Whether it's brushes for painting or makeup, lemon can be a natural cleanser. This will allow you to keep them longer and thus save money. For this, simply dip your tools in lemon boiling water.

13- Set limits on your cat
If you want your cat does not have access to some parts of your home, just spray them with lemon. This smell is repulsive for your pet.

Lemon may be irritating to the skin and has a photosensitizing action, avoid exposing yourself to the sun after its application. Its use as a natural remedy is not recommended for people with biliary, kidney and gastric disorders. If in doubt, ask your doctor for advice.
13 Awesome Uses Of Lemon That People Do Not Know