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What's More Disgusting About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What's More Disgusting About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We can believe or not in astrology, but that does not prevent us from consulting the astral forecasts or trying to know the features that characterize us. Of course, all the signs of the zodiac have flaws and qualities, but did you know that they had scary things hidden deep in their personality?

Let's explore the dark corner of every sign ...
Even though these horrendous features are not always seemingly everyday, they may resurface at some point in your life. Discover below, those who characterize you according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Obsession with death
Death fascinates you and obsesses you so much that you can not help thinking about it every day. You always try to approach this concept in your discussions and even in your research by trying to understand the how of why. Are you sure that it advances you to something?

Taurus: Harassment
You have the ability to hunt down the lives of others like Sherlock Holmes. Whether these people interest you or are part of your past, you always find a way to dig up some elements of their daily lives to know their lives. Know that it is not always good to interfere in the lives of others!

Gemini: Lie
The appalling thing about you is lies. You excel in this field to such an extent that you are able to write a whole novel on a version that you end up believing. But people who know you are not fooled and end up knowing that you are an inveterate liar!

Cancer: Obsession
When you love, your love often turns to unhealthy obsession. And it is the case to say it, since you can become violent even dangerous. This obsession in your relationships can frighten more than one. Learn to slow down your heat because it can cause you problems.

Leo: Narcissism
Your need to please and be admired obsesses you and the only person you are interested in is yourself. You are able to do the most abject things to attract attention to you and strut your way like a lion in the savannah.

Virgo: Fetishism
You have fantasies that can scare people around you and you are unique in the way you feed them in your mind. However, fetishism remains one of your specialties and you do not fail to spread it when you have the opportunity.

Libra: Curiosity
Your curiosity is insatiable, especially about strange, petrifying or frightful facts. Everything that is appalling catches your eye, which may be contradictory to your idyllic appearance.

Scorpio: Sadism
You have a sad side of sadism that takes over from time to time. Silly ideas of murder or violence can come into your head. The urge to hurt people and provoke anger is part of your bad side. In any case, your creativity in this sense is overflowing!

Sagittarius: Coldness
You can have a cold face like a robot. You are able to hide your emotions and display the most coldness when you decide. You show neither sadness nor joy and you can remain stoic and impassive. It is to wonder if you are human!

Capricorn: Murder scenario
In your head, you make murder scenarios like the films of Agatha Christie. You plan the murder of your mother-in-law, a loved one who annoys you or a colleague who is boring you. It's a morbid game that you get used to regularly. Be careful that it does not become a reality!

Aquarius: Specialist of funeral speeches
You often think about what you will say at the funeral of your family or close friends. And you prepare well in advance. It is good to be a thinker but from there to these thoughts drift towards the funeral speeches simply shows your macabre and gloomy side, which you hide most of the time by your jovial and friendly side.

Pisces : Imaginary heroism
Pisces are famous for being great dreamers and often their imagination becomes overflowing. Influenced by action films, they often think of saving people in disastrous situations by taking risks at the risk of their lives. And for that, the scary scenarios, like the police series, follow in their minds, where they are the main heroes. They often dream aloud: "I am the savior of the world! ".
Disgusting About You, According To Your Zodiac Sign