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Old Lemon Recipe That Opens Your Arteries, Reduces Fat, Fights Infections And Keeps You Healthy

Old Lemon Recipe That Opens Your Arteries, Reduces Fat, Fights Infections And Keeps You Healthy

Recognized for their therapeutic virtues since the dawn of time, some ingredients are timeless and are still used to treat everyday ailments, as evidenced by this trick of grandmother with garlic, lemon and ginger. This will work wonders on your health by opening your arteries, eliminating bad fats from the blood and preventing infections such as colds.

Natural and effective, this remedy that comes from Germany is full of benefits for our health. Composed of ingredients with innumerable beneficial effects, it is a real cure for our daily problems. Here is what you will need to prepare it:

  • 4 unpeeled organic lemons
  • 1 ginger root about 3 to 4 cm
  • 4 large bulbs of garlic
  • 2 liters of purified water

Preparation tips
Start by washing your lemons and cut them into medium sized pieces. Then peel your garlic bulbs and place them in a blender with lemon and ginger root. Once all three ingredients have a consistent consistency, place the resulting mixture in a saucepan and add 2 liters of water. Heat up and remove from the heat when the boil starts. Let cool.

In small bottles, pour your medicine in equal doses and keep cool. You can drink a glass of this mixture each morning on an empty stomach, making sure to shake your bottle beforehand. Also, know that this remedy must be drunk 2 hours before your first meal. It should therefore establish fixed hours allowing you to drink without shifting your breakfast.

Benefits of food

Rich in antibacterial, antioxidant and protective properties of cardiovascular diseases, garlic is one of the most effective natural ingredients in the fight against health disorders. According to an article published by Avicenna Journal of Phytomedecine, extensive studies have looked into its benefits, observing a remarkable action on the reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol.

The virtues of this food are confirmed through numerous experiments seeking to validate the benefits. A study of 88 patients for 12 weeks would have concluded that garlic would be an interesting treatment for people whose blood pressure is difficult to control. Following the results obtained, the scientists have observed a clear decrease of the latter in their subjects, combined with a consequent improvement in inflammations and biological markers of cardiovascular risk.

Rich in oleoresin with bioactive components such as gingerol and known for their pharmacological and physiological action, ginger has been used for decades to treat colds, high blood pressure, nausea and migraine. Very interesting food because of its virtues, it would have been the subject of an experiment on 80 subjects to determine its action on the rate of lipids in the blood. After 45 days, scientists would have observed a significant decrease in cholesterol in patients who had used it in treatment.

In Turkey, lemon, and its juice in particular, would be one of the most popular alternative treatments for treating hypertension. Combined with the precious virtues of garlic, it would have allowed in an experiment conducted on patients suffering from hyperlipidemia (high blood fat levels) to reduce not only the level of lipids present in the body but also the arterial pressure. Moreover, the use of these two ingredients would be a popular method to reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular parameters.


- Lemon is not recommended for people suffering from ulcers or biliary and renal disorders.

- Garlic is not recommended for people with porphyria (photosensitive) and should be avoided before and after surgery because of its anticoagulant effect. It is also not recommended in case of acute or chronic gastric inflammation.

- Ginger is not recommended for diabetics and people suffering from blood diseases. It is also to be avoided in excess for the pregnant or nursing woman.
 Lemon Recipe